DIY wedding invitations and thank you cards

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If you haven’t tried PicMonkey yet you should. They’re a free photo editing, collaging, and design site with lots of gorgeous collateral to use in your creations. Chevron backgrounds, lovebirds, doodle hearts and snowflakes – they’ve got it all!

I’ve used using their Facebook cover photo layout before (it’s so awesome for your business page) and loved how easy it was so when PicMonkey invited me to try out some of their graphic design tutorials for weddings, I couldn’t resist!

DIY save the date with PicMonkey | see more on:

For this first save the date card I tried out their Vintage Blooms designs tutorial, followed it to a T just to see if it was difficult or not and simply fell in love with it.

To create this look:

1. Use the ‘Design’ button on PicMonkey’s homepage to create a black canvas
2. Color code for this delicious dark blue is #202E48
3. Under ‘Overlays’ choose Vintage Blooms
4. Stretch them big and arrange however you like
5. Also under ‘Overlays’ look for Labels – there are basic styles and some with a more Victorian look.
6. Use the same color code as the background
7. For the stripe around it use the color dropper tool to scroll over one of the blue hues in the flowers and pick a tone.
8. Add text saying whatever you like with Playfair and Quicksand fonts
9. Save to your computer and print however many you like!

DIY thank you card with PicMonkey tutorial | see more on:

It’s so simple and so easy to carry over your design into all of your wedding needs – from engagement parties to thank you notes to invitations.

I decided to also make some matching thank you cards using PicMonkey’s custom size option under ‘Design’ on the homepage and think they came out quite lovely!

I fell so in love with those darling vintage blooms I wanted to try out some of the other colors available and whipped up this cute engagement party invitation. (ahem – yes those are Jane Austen references).

DIY engagement party invitations with PicMonkey tutorial | see more on:

For this one I followed the same style as I did for the Save The Date but with a few variations:

Background Color Code: #464646
Font Color Code: #FFFCBA
Font Styles: Geo Sans Light & Great Vibes

Be sure to check out more of PicMonkey’s fabulous wedding tutorials here!

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