we’re moving!

Just a little bit of personal news to share with everyone today… because I’m SUPER excited! We (we as in my husband, my cat, and myself) are moving to Austin, Texas!

Custom painted moving map

I seriously couldn’t be more thrilled about this. We’re moving to be closer to our families and I’m pumped to not have a 8+ hour flight to see them all. We already bought a house but won’t be moving until next spring / summer and we’re also keeping the house here in Hawaii so we’ll be back and forth a lot.

I’m looking forward to getting to know a whole new area in the wedding industry, hosting some fabulous styled shoots on the mainland, and keeping one foot here in Hawaii while I’m at it.

I’ve already got a list of restaurants and bars I am going to try in Austin (it’s extensive!) but anything else I should check out?


Custom moving map by Natty Michelle Paperie & be sure to check out her fabulous blog here

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  1. Congrats Sara, hope the move goes smoothly, cheers to a new and exciting life in Texas!

  2. Sara, congrats!!!! How exciting! At some point, I’d love to meet up with you. xo P

  3. Heather C. says

    I’m happy that you’re happy. But, you will be missed, missed VERY, VERY, VERY much!

  4. Congratulations! So excited to have you here in Texas soon!

  5. Sara congradulations! How exciting for you!

  6. Congratulations! I’m excited for you and this next chapter of your life 🙂

  7. Yay! It’s blog official now! So excited for you all and can’t wait to see the new house! Out of the few summers I worked in Austin, I STILL have yet to see the bats (kinda creepy, but I still wanna see them!). And you’ll want to check out Bess Bistro (it’s owned by Sandra Bullock! Well, was in 2010, not sure now!) and down South Congress for the more retro side of the city (food trucks and antiques!). <3

  8. How exciting Sara. Congratulations and best wishes on the move to Texas. Excited to see your posts from your new location as well as the Hawaii ones when you return back 😉

  9. Congrats, Sara! 🙂

  10. Austin is totally on my bucket list! What a great city. Congrats!

  11. Congrats Sara, that’s such exciting news! I love Texas but I never got to visit Austin unfortunately, so I’ll be looking forward to seeing it through your eyes via the blog.

  12. Congrats, how exciting! And how lovely that you don’t have to leave Hawaii behind completely either – best of both!

  13. Awesome!!! Welcome to Texas!!!

  14. Congratulations!! Such an exciting move.

  15. Congratulations on the move! I’m so excited for what you’ll discover in Austin! You’ve done such a wonderful job of introducing us all to Hawaii, so I can’t wait to see your take on your new TX surroundings!

  16. Congratulations, Sara! Wishing you all the best in your move to the mainland! Looking forward to seeing all your discovery in Texas!

  17. Congrats! Change is always fun and exciting….lots of new opportunities – yay!