bar cart essentials

When crafting your wedding registry, it’s ok to indulge a little and something we all want is a fancy little bar cart. It’s a perfectly stylish way to get the party started. Crate & Barrel’s Wedding Registry has wonderful items, everything you need (and more!) to get your bar cart started.

Bar Cart Essentials

  1. Cube Ice Bucket – Diamond facets lend an icy look to this petite, bar cart-perfect ice bucket.
  2. The Best Craft Cocktails – Put your mixology skills to the test and display the book as a stylish reference while mixing something delightful. It’s filled with handcrafted cocktail recipes and refreshing new blend ideas.
  3. Carter Ice Tongs – with an ice bucket, you’ll need ice tongs to chill all of your creative concoctions.
  4. Libations Bar Cart – use the top shelf for pouring your drinks and the bottom for storing your bottles, this stylish bar cart has a beautiful antique look and leather wrapped handles making it both stylish and sturdy.
  5. Nicola Vase – whether you’re using it to hold springs of mint for your mojito or stems of blooms for a stylish display, this chic vase is perfect for either.
  6. Geo Balls – cluster them or scatter them around your bar cart for a touch of modern sophistication.
  7. Orb Bar Tools – seriously stylish and absolutely essential, these bar tools recall the nostalgia of vintage cocktail culture while still retaining functionality.

Using Crate & Barrel’s Wedding Registry to craft your stylish bar cart isn’t just a good idea – it’s a smart one. Crate & Barrel offers free shipping on all registry gifts, which your friends and family will love, and Crate & Barrel will send a special gift to you and your beau – wine glasses – which couldn’t be more perfect for your new bar cart.

Go ahead, get creative, and mix up your own unique bar cart look HERE and be sure to be sure to see if one of Crate & Barrel’s Wedding Party Events is coming to a store near you so you can have the store all to yourself as you gain insider tips from registry experts and craft your own unique wish list.

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