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Amanda Douglas Events (you’ve seen her featured here!) and Stone House Creative have combined forces up in Canada to bring an absolutely must-attend event: Wed Prep. Read on to learn more about it including some tips from wedding pros that will help, whether you can attend the event or not, with your wedding planning.

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What Wed Prep is and Why You Need to Go

In short, Wed Prep is going to be your most valuable wedding planning resource. Our team of well-respected wedding professionals will provide you with all the information you need to plan the best wedding you can. We’re gearing Wed Prep towards you, so that you can have the wedding of your dreams, at the budget you can afford.

Wed Prep is Winnipeg’s first wedding planning workshop. It’s a one-day, intensive experience, which will include interactive demonstrations, valuable handout materials, and Q&As with top local wedding pros.

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Tips from Wed Prep Pros: How to Get Started!

Stone House Creative “The most important things you should be concerned about when planning your flowers are the look and feel that you want, and the budget. So start by outlining your budget and determine how much you can spend (it’s great if you even have an idea of how much per table you’re comfortable spending on centerpieces!), and then spend some time looking online or in wedding magazines to see what style you’re naturally drawn to. Being able to communicate what’s you’re looking for when meeting with potential florists is key!”

Jenna Rae Cakes “Deciding on how much you want to spend on your cake is going to be an important starting point. You may have ideas of colored fondant or what you want as the cake topper, but knowing your budget is going to be very helpful for your cake designer in deciding how customized the design is going to be. From there, the best tip I can give a couple is to be open to your baker’s suggestions, and to enjoy the cake tasting! It’s the best part of the planning process, in my opinion!”

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Amanda Douglas Events “Starting your wedding planning can be an exceptionally overwhelming process. I would always suggest starting with your “theme” and your budget. I’m not necessarily saying you need to have a number set in stone right at the start, because you may not really know what anything costs. But, start with writing out all the different line items that you will have to put your money towards. It’s always best to have a clear direction on where your money all needs to go before starting to spend it.

Then, start researching; collect quotes and information on the different things you want to have a part of your day. It’s always best to make educated decisions instead of just emotional ones, so that you can make sure you spend your money wisely, and you put it in places that will give you the most bang for your buck. Of course the design, style and, aesthetic of your day are important aspects, but starting with your budget is best so you can move forward and make sure you get all the things that you want at your dream wedding.”

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Why Realistic Budgets are Important – and How to Make One

You know what we, as wedding professionals, hate? Having an awesome consultation with a couple, only to find out that everything we’ve discussed with you is going to be out of your budget. You know what’s even worse? When the budget that a couple has put together is completely unrealistic for what they’re looking for. I once had a couple requesting floral centerpieces, and the inspiration pictures they were giving me would have cost at least $500/table, and their budget was $10. Oops! We’ve got a problem.

So how do you build a realistic budget? When you get to your consultation with your wedding pros, it’s important you be up front about your budget. But before you get to your appointment, do some research. Send out some emails to companies you’re interested in working with, asking for general price points and ranges.

Look at suggested budget breakdowns printed in magazines and on blogs (for example, many will suggest 10% for photography, 5% for a planner, 40 – 50% for reception costs, and so on). Determine what 3 aspects of the wedding are the most important for you, and be comfortable with allocating more of your budget here and less of your budget to the other areas. For example, if you know that you want amazing photos but couldn’t care less about what your stationery looks like, dig around for a great deal on invitations and push those remaining dollars into your photography budget.

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The inaugural Wed Prep workshop takes place February 21st! Keep in touch with Wed Prep on Facebook and catch their new event dates here!


Wedding Pros Represented: Amanda Douglas Events // Stone House Creative // Jenna Rae Cakes // Victoria Anne Photography // Special Request Weddings // Planned Perfectly // Marry Me, Hunnie // Robin Egg Blue Design // Mad About Style.

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  1. Love this. What a great resource for brides to plan their wedding!

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  3. Amazing tips. I agree, It’s an invaluable help for brides.

  4. Such a great idea.

  5. Thanks for the feature! We’re so excited about the workshop and bringing it to all our local brides! xoxo

  6. Thank you for great tips… It is true that we should set a budget before planning a wedding because it can help us to think about different options which can make our wedding memorable.

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