timeless engagement rings

Jewelry is a way to celebrate moments; a memory made tangible, and no memory is more important right now than the day you’re proposed to! No matter what type of ring you’d like, Simon G. Jewelry has something that will suit your style with the quality, craftsmanship, and luxury that an engagement ring deserves.

Diamond engagement rings

Passion Collection

Known worldwide for its sophisticated design, inspired individuality and ceaseless passion for detail, Simon G. Jewelry creates the finest jewelry from diamonds and precious metals. They provide a work of art that only handcraftsmanship and true artistry can deliver.

Diamond engagement rings

Fabled Collection

Diamond engagement rings

Duchess Collection

There are small stretches of time in our lives when everything changes, when the world around us shifts and Simon G. Jewelry helps you capture those moments. A photograph only tells part of the story – jewelry distills the moment into a memory that you and your family can hold forever.

Diamond engagement rings

Simon G. Jewelry has a strong appreciation of beauty, and understanding that creating jewelry is more than just a business. It is about making your world brighter, about creating a ceremony of memory, and building something that will last.

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