how to ask for money on your wedding day

Planning a wedding takes time and is so often fraught with many delicate decisions. Who’s the first person below the line on your invite list? Where should you seat Aunty Effie? DJ or Band? The list goes on.

Well you no longer need to worry about how to manage your registry because digital wedding start-up Envelope Registry makes setting up your wedding registry a breeze. More to the point, Envelope Registry has made asking for money on you wedding day stylish!

Envelope Registry - the stylish way to ask for money for your wedding | see more on:

Envelope Registry is simply beautiful, and a pleasure to use. Couples answer a few questions and then start building their registry from over 200 items. The items range from things like “appliances for the kitchen”, “indoor plants” or “ceramics” to activities and experiences like “dance lessons” or items for your honeymoon “like beach cocktails” or a “sunset cruise.”

Unlike other online registries Envelope’s items aren’t tided to particular supplier, rather Envelope collects cash contributions from your guests and sends it directly to your bank account. What’s more it free to use, your guests pay a small fee on check out.

Envelope Registry - the stylish way to ask for money for your wedding | see more on:

Envelope is packed with features including being able to send beautiful invites to your guests to inform them when you launch you registry. You can also visit a page where you can track all of your contributions and add new items as everything is approaching fulfillment.

My favorite feature however is the amazing thank you card services. For $4 dollars a card Envelope allows your to create personal thank you cards for each of your guests. You chose a photo and write a note on the website and then Envelope will print, hand write and post your card all with in 48 hours!

Envelope Registry - the stylish way to ask for money for your wedding | see more on:

Forget clunky one-liners that mix up ‘presence’ with ‘presents’ just get over and set up an Envelope Registry – I promise even Aunty Effie will love it; even if you didn’t put seat her on the bridal table!

For more information check out To celebrate their USA launch, Envelope is offering one lucky couple the chance to double the value of their registry. To enter simply create a registry at and you’ll go into the running to win. Terms and conditions can be found at

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  4. OMG this site is so beautiful! We just set up “bubbles underwater” and “jumps on the bed” LOVE IT!!

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