wedding registry: bar cart essentials

When it comes to your wedding registry, it’s important to ‘Be Yourself Together.’ Each of you should bring your own unique ideas and needs to your registry, and it will all come together just like people do in a marriage! When two individuals combine, real beauty happens and that’s the idea behind Target’s Wedding Registry.

In this series of wedding registry inspiration boards, each of the three items is a starting point around which you both can build your home and your life together!

Bar Cart essentials from Target Wedding Registry

  1. Threshold Bar Cart in Gold
  2. Riedel Vivant Champagne Flutes
  3. Houdini Electric Corkscrew

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*Partnered Post: This post was brought to you by Target in partnership with BrideClick. All opinions expressed are those of the editor.

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  1. Love the bar cart, and of course, the sentiment that when two individuals combine, real beauty happens. What a lovely truth!

  2. I have the original Houdini (not electric) and still use it all the time!