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As many of you know I am a proud board member of The Wedding and Event Institute which means I had the super hard task of picking winners for the Academy Live’s spring / summer Pantone inspiration board contest!

Mood boards were submitted by students and after a couple of rounds of narrowing down, I was tasked with picking the winner for each color. And it was so hard! Everyone did such a fabulous job of capturing the spirit of each gorgeous hue. I’m super pleased to share the winners’ work with you here on the blog today!

Iced Coffee: Ashely Brindley

Pantone Iced Coffee Wedding

Pantone’s Iced Coffee is definitely my favorite color of the bunch – I love a good natural as it goes with everything. For the spring / summer colors that Pantone listed Iced Coffee will be used as a transitional color which is why I loved Ashley Brindley’s inspiration board so much. Long wedding sleeve dress + outdoor reception? That says spring to summer transition to me! Plus the imagery here, textures, everything is just gorgeous.

Photo Credits: Wedding Venue via The Lane, photographed by Ryan Hitchener // Gold Dress from Krikor Jabotian // Feathers via Once Wed, photographed by Jose Villa // Dress from Paolo Sebastian, photographed by Simon Cecere // Cake via Style Me Pretty, photographed by Greg Finck // Teepee via Ramblin Rose Cafe, photographed by Maria Camila // Floral Headpiece viaMagnolia Rouge, photographed by Jessica Sim

Green Flash: Shelby Howard

Pantone Green Flash Wedding

Pantone’s Green Flash is for a bride who pushes the envelope, and that’s why Shelby Howard’s inspiration board was my favorite of this bunch. I can see urban brides bringing this color into their photo-studio or art gallery weddings as a way to bring a bit of nature to the environment, just as the color is meant to represent. It won’t be the garden or country brides that rock this color at their big day, but rather the big city girls looking to bring verdant valleys to town.

Photo Credits: Bottles via Style Me Pretty, photographed by Ruth Eileen Photography // centerpieces via Style Me Pretty, photographed by Max Wanger // Cake fromKashaya & Co // Dress from Asos // Drinks from Love and Lemons // Bouquets via Style Me Pretty, photographed by 2 Brides

Buttercup: Selena Daniel

Pantone Buttercup Wedding

Transportational is how Pantone describes its buttercup hue and that’s why I love Selena Daniel’s inspiration board. It’s transportational in that it looks like a sunny, lovely wedding in Tuscany! The point of Pantone’s buttercup is to take you to a brighter place and this mood board certainly does just that.

Photo Credits: Box of Lemons via Style Me Pretty, photographed by Picotte Weddings // Lemoncello Bottles via Martha Stewart Weddings, photographed by Francesco Lagnese and Domenico Costantini // Yellow Boutonniere via Style Me Pretty, photographed byStudio Impressions // Grazie Olive Oil Bottles via Colin Cowie Weddings // Hamda Al Fahim Dress from Hamda Al Fahim // Yellow Ranunculus from Wonderful World // Tapas Buffet viaStyle Me Pretty, photographed by Ken Kienow

Serenity: Niki Kilminster

Pantone Serenity Wedding

Niki’s inspiration board is airy, fresh, and reminds me of clouds, which is exactly what Pantone hoped for when they introduced their Serenity color. The details in this inspiration board form a complete picture, a complete wedding from the bride to the groom, reception, invites, details and tablescape. You feel a sense of calmness from looking at this mood board – Niki hit the nail on the head!

Photo Credits: Dress via Pretty Chic Blog, photographed by Alicia Swedenborg // Tables and chairs from Martha Stewart Weddings // Necklace via Green Wedding Shoes, photographed byHeather Kinkaid // Sign from The Back Porch Shoppe // Bouquet via Perfect Palette from Martha Stewart Weddings // Invitations from Elum Designs // Tablescape via Style Unveiled, photographed by Jose Villa // Groom via Prima Donna Bride

Lilac Gray: Emily Morgan

Pantone Lilac Gray Wedding

Another neutral to love next spring / summer! This pretty pray color has a little edge to it in the form of a subtle lilac tint. The inspiration board in this grouping with a little edge to it was Emily Morgan’s! I love the mix of chandeliers and organic linens in this inspiration board… ruffles on the wedding cake next to a couture lilac wedding dress. It’s an edgy look through its juxtapositions, just like lilac gray.

Photo Credits: Paper Mess via Patternity, designed by Christophe Piallat // Chandelier via Style Me Pretty, styling by Love Bird Weddings, photographed by Studio Impressions // Macaroons from Designcat Colour // Stacked Cushions form Amy Howard // Ombre Wedding Cake via Style Me Pretty, photographed by Millie Holloman // Single Rose from Little Blue Deer // Ruffled Wedding Dress Design and Photography by Oscar De La Renta

Snorkel Blue: Claudia Marsh

Pantone Snorkel Blue Wedding

Snorkel blue is nautical at heart but also nods its head towards east coast vacations and escapes but more liveliness. I love the twist that Claudia Marsh gave her inspiration board by including nautical blues but it more country setting. It speaks to the escapism and good times that the color is meant to provoke!

Photo Credits: Tablescape via Southern Weddings, photographed by Ryan Ray // Dresses viaStyle Me Pretty, photographed by Let’s Frolic Together // Cake from Add A Pinch // Drink via Style Me Pretty, photographed by Chrisman Studios // Invitations via Wedding Chicks, photographed by Henry Photography // Shoes via Wedding Chicks, photographed by Mary Costa Photography // Macaroons from Ivory & Deene

Limpet Shell: Ashlee Burns

Pantone Limpet Shell Wedding

Pantone describes this color as “clear, clean, and defined. Suggestive of clarity and freshness, its crisp and modern influences evoke a deliberate, mindful tranquility.” With that in mind, Ashlee Burns did an amazing job of capturing the spirit of this color with her inspiration board. The beach speaks to tranquility and the bud vases, single drink station, and geometric rock candies to modern minimalism.

Photo Credits: Groom via Project Wedding, photographed by Laurelyn Savannah // Waves from Great iPhone Apps // Rock Candy via Southern Weddings, photographed by Millie Holloman // Drinks Dispenser via BeauCoup, photographed by Eat Drink Pretty // Vases via Style Me Pretty, photographed by Pobke Photography // Cake from Cake Love

Fiesta: Nicola Jackson

Pantone Fiesta Wedding

Fiesta is bold, bright, exciting, and a total party color, which is why Nicola Jackson’s energetically red mood board was the winner for me. Indian weddings are big, colorful, (often) week-long events with a multitude of parties and red is a beautiful color for that amount of enthusiasm. Plus look at that cake – it’s fit for a queen!

Photo Credits: Brooch Bouquet from Noaki // Couple via Shaadi Belles, photographed by Alain Martinez // Cake from I Bake Cakes // Invitations from Invitations by Ajalon // Floral Wall viaBridal Bar, photographed by Binita Patel Photography // Mandapvia WL Studios

Rose Quartz: Ashlee Burns

Pantone Rose Quartz Wedding

Another win for Ashlee Burns! This girl did her Pantone research. Rose Quartz is one of Pantone’s most lady-like colors. It shows reflection, composure, and is reminiscent of a sunset. The clouds, Chanel perfume drawing, fluffy peonies, and ladylike Rose Quartz wedding dress show everything that this color is supposed to. It’s a beautiful mood board!

Photo Credits: Macarons from Fancy Food Fancy // Bridal Dress via French Wedding Style, photographed by Emm and Clau // Bouquet via Wedding Chicks, photographed by KT Merry Photography // Bottles via Hello Naomi // Coco Chanel from M Bailey Illustrations

Peach Echo: Amie Leona Burgdorf

Pantone Peach Echo Wedding

Peach Echo is Pantone’s answer to orange. It’s a friendlier, more accessible color and totally perfect for weddings. Pairing peach with gray is a lovely look and that’s why Amie Leona Burgdorf’s Peach Echo inspiration board caught my eye. Plus the multitude of cakes, big wedding party and garter belt show a playful, friendly side that this color is meant to capture!

Photo Credits: Bridal Party via Fab Mood, photographed by Anna Delores // Invites from 4 Invitation Weddings // Garter from the Garter Girl // Bouquet from Store Envy // Table Setting viaEvery Last Detail, photographed by Cyrience Creative Studios // Cutlery Setting via Wedding Chicks, photographed by Bryan Rupp Photography // Treats Table via Wedding Chicks, photographed by Mango Studios

The Academy clearly has some amazingly talented students and it was a pleasure to pick the winners for this Pantone mood board contest. Remember, The Academy has courses to suit everyone in their campuses that are available for study around the world. To find out more choose your region from below!

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