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If you’ve ever booked hotels for a group, then you know just how frustrating that can be. It’s like herding cats with all the telephone calls and hoops you have to jump through. There is, however, an answer to making sure your engagement shower attendees, bachelorette ladies, bridal shower crew, and wedding guests have a place to stay and peace of mind to go with it – Skipper!

Hotel Block Booking with Skipper

When booking blocks, Skipper not only does it with ease, but they save you and your guests money too. Their average savings is 15% and they work with over 213,000 hotels – it’s such an easy process! Booking through Skipper is simplified, streamlined, and they always get you the best rate, making planning your wedding a little less stressful. It’s group booking – totally reimagined! And have I mentioned yet – it’s totally free to use? Yep. No cost, you get a discount, and everyone you need to be there will have a hassle-free place to stay.

Hotel Block Booking with Skipper

I decided to test them out with an imaginary with my BFFs to … you guessed it, my favorite little Caribbean Island St. Lucia. I’ll be honest. I was dubious at first – would they only have hotels in the US, the popular ones in Europe? Nope – they’ve got all my favorites in St. Lucia too, and at rates I KNOW to be less than what they are. Way to go Skipper – I’m impressed!

Hotel Block Booking with Skipper

If you don’t want to take my word for it take these guys: Skipper has been featured on Mashable and is adored by The Knot, plus they have loads of fabulous reviews (see here!) – so what are you waiting for?

Hotel Block Booking with Skipper

Make your group booking easy with Skipper!

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  1. Florida Bride says

    Love this company! They made setting up hotel rooms for my family and friends so easy. Thank you Jetaport for helping me with this task.

  2. I will definitely be forwarding this onto friends that book for groups a lot!