wine and cheese wedding registry essentials

Creating your wedding registry as soon-to-be newlyweds is one of the most exciting things! You get to imagine all the fun times you’re going to have together in your new home and all the entertaining, movie evenings, and cooking you get to do as newlyweds. Among these, wine and cheese nights are essential. They’re bonding experiences and a perfect way to relax together after work or have a few friends over on the weekend. With these Crate and Barrel exclusives, you can add entertaining essentials to your Crate and Barrel wedding registry to ensure your sips and bites are perfection!

Wine and Cheese night essentials for your Wedding Registry from Crate and Barrel

1. Vineyard Pinot Noir Wine Glasses

2. Copper Hard Cheese Knives

3. Chalkboard Cheese Markers

4. Cole Coasters

5. Orb Copper Mixology Collection

6. Wood-Marble Platters

Wine and cheese night essentials from Crate and Barrel for your Wedding Registry

These items are found exclusively at Crate and Barrel so don’t forget to add them to your list! And speaking of your wedding registry, Crate and Barrel makes it super easy for you with loads of added benefits. For instance, after your wedding you get 10% off for 6 months, just in case you forgot one of the essentials! Your family and friends will also love Crate and Barrel’s wedding registry because they get free shipping.

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