your wedding registry dilemmas solved

Building your wedding registry is one of the most exciting things as a couple. That mixing bowl isn’t just a mixing bowl, it’s part of a future of home cooked meals together. But at some point during your wedding registry process you’re going to realize something – everything you need and everything you want isn’t found at just one store. Not even two. They come from all over, and that’s where comes in.

Wedding registry for things from different stores allows you to create one wedding registry with items from any store, anywhere, on the internet. It’s so simple. It’s sort of like the ultimate Pinterest board for your future life. You just install the ‘Add to My Registry’ button on your browser bookmarks bar and whenever you come across something you’d like to include in your wedding registry, no matter what store it’s from, you simply click the button and it’s added. It honestly couldn’t be easier!

Wedding registry for things from different stores

Running around town on wedding errands and see something in a store you’d like on your wedding registry? Not a problem with because there’s an app for that! You simply scan the barcode of the item and it will be added to your wedding registry including some details as to where the item can be purchased.

Wedding Registry for things from different stores also lets you tastefully register for cash for your honeymoon, home down payment, or anything else you two need together. It truly is the best one stop shop around for creating a wedding registry with everything you want on it.

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