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Finding the perfect wedding ring for the groom is not always an easy task. While finding out your size used to be the hardest part of choosing a wedding band, with the huge variety of different metals now available, finding your perfect ring is more difficult than ever.

We believe that there is no such thing as the perfect metal, only the perfect metal for him – based on his own unique hobbies and lifestyle! So today in partnership with Mens Rings Online, we’ve matched some great wedding bands with some grooms you’ve seen featured here on Burnett’s Boards (and dreamed up some pretty fun descriptions for these guys too!)

Mens wedding rings and bandsPhoto by Callie Hobbs Photography, see the entire feature here

1. The Architect

This guy is a bit all-American mixed with some serious math and design skills. He loves things that coordinate, look good together, and symmetry is a must! The two shiny groves in this otherwise matte titanium ring is the perfect band for this kind of man.

Mens wedding rings and bandsPhoto by Verbina Ksenia, see the whole feature here

2. The Romantic

He cooks you breakfast and still brings flowers on special dates – we love this kind of guy! He’s his own type of precious metal. He treats your like a queen which is why your king deserves a little gold of his own.

Mens wedding rings and bandsPhoto by Photographs by Caileigh, see the entire shoot here

3. The Italian

You met him on a trip aboard, parted ways, and then once he worked his way up in the accounting department at Italian Vogue he totally got back in touch and your romance picked back up right where y’all left it off. The mixed metals on this tungsten and gold band is stylish and sophisticated – just like he is!

Mens wedding rings and bandsImage by Kama Catch Me, see the entire shoot here

4. Mr. Indie

His work commute to the Google Complex is via skateboard and he’s always finding the coolest and newest organic gastro pubs to take you to. Something typical won’t cut it for this kind of guy which is why this ceramic ring has just the right kind of look!

Mens wedding rings and bandsPhoto by Gaby J Photography, see the real wedding here

5. The Cowboy Who Is Also An Artist

He runs his own horse ranch outside of Las Vegas but he drives his pickup truck to Palm Springs every other weekend to show off his latest metalwork sculptures. A textured black titanium ring has the hammered look he’s totally into but is still super manly with its dark color.

Mens wedding rings and bandsImage by Stefano Santucci, see the editorial shoot here

6. The Designer

This guy marches to the beat of his own drum and had absolutely no problem picking out the most amazing pair of Prada heels to treat you with for your birthday. He needs something as unique and design-minded as he is and this gorgeous Koa Wood ring does the trick.

Mens wedding rings and bandsPhoto by Sarah Hooker Photography, see the entire feature here.

7. The Musician

This charismatic guy is always the center of attention, but his eye is always on you! He’a a magnet. He tells the best jokes, has the biggest smile, and knows how to make a room full of people dance the night away. Three small stones give this wedding band a nice touch of luxury while still being as charming as he is.

Mens wedding rings and bandsPhoto by Warmphoto, see the entire shoot here

8. The Game of Thrones Uber Fan

You two are totally having a ‘Winter Is Coming’ themed wedding where not only are you going to surprise him with the wolf costume you bought his dog to wear for the walk down the aisle as ring bearer, but this amazing, sand-blasted titanium ring!

Mens wedding rings and bandsImage by Ana Lui Photography, see the entire editorial here.

9. Goth Guy

You bring out the softer side in this otherwise tattooed and ‘too cool for school guy.’ And you love it! He’s a bad boy on the outside but all yours on the inside. You’re going to rock a black wedding dress on the big day and he’s going to think it’s the most fabulous thing ever, until he sees the all black titanium ring you picked out for him of course!

Mens wedding rings and bandsImage by Katerina Kepka, see the whole shoot here

10. The City Slicker

This man needs a ring that shines as much as he does. He’s always so polished! This sleek tungsten ring is basic and manly yet totally pulled together, solid, and classically stylish; it’s perfect for your big city slicker.


Even when you think you have chosen the right size, metal and style, you may find that it just doesn’t work for you once you wear it. This is why Mens Rings Online have an easy exchange policy, as well as a free ring sizer with every order. This way, you can be assured of finding the perfect ring! Be sure to check them out no matter where you are:

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