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Attending a workshop offers invaluable real life experience in your field and the chance to work with like-minded people. The Boheme Workshop recently gathered in Greece and talented photographer Laura Sponaugle shared her beautiful images with us.

From Laura: “This intimate engagement story takes place in perhaps one of the most romantic settings in the Mediterranean. Messinia is perfectly situated on the southwest coast of the Peloponnesian Peninsula, and it is just might be the best kept secret in Greece.”

Messinian Greece | Photography: Laura Sponaugle Engagement couple pose | Photography: Laura Sponaugle Engagement outfit | Photography: Laura Sponaugle Olive branch | Photography: Laura Sponaugle

“Messinia is a quaint, authentic retreat where visitors can dine with the locals, explore extraordinary beaches, and sit atop mountain cliffs to stare in awe at the intensely blue waters while enjoying the stillness of the ancient world.”

Hammock engagement shoot | Photography: Laura Sponaugle Romantic engagement ideas | Photography: Laura Sponaugle engagement shoot Greece | Photography: Laura Sponaugle Messinian Greece engagement | Photography: Laura Sponaugle

Laura explains: “Tradition and connection are vital in Greek life, as evidenced with the Messinian olive grove: because olive trees can grow for upwards of 600 years, the same family lines have tended to their groves for five generations. What’s more, travelers seeking relaxed simplicity may find uninhibited solace in secluded lovers’ hideaways tucked away in shady olive groves. It’s no wonder that Vasia, Therese, and Tahnee Sanders chose this spot for Boheme Workshops: Greece. This ultra-talented group made magic over the course of a week, and I was delighted to document the singular beauty and romance that this site gives rise to.”

Engagement session Greece | Photography: Laura Sponaugle Engagement shoot in Greece | Photography: Laura Sponaugle

“In this particular vignette, we find a couple enjoying each other’s company, walking hand in hand through a family olive grove, the olives ripe and near harvest. Much like the vagaries of life, the weather was erratic: there was sunshine and then, moments later, a complete down pour before the skies cleared once again, spilling gorgeous golden hues on the landscape. The day could not have been more romantic.”


Photography: Laura Sponaugle // Film Lab: The Find Lab // Creative Direction & Styling: Tahnee Sanders // Gown: Free People //Floral Design: Celsia Floral // Makeup & Hair: Frantzeska Koukoula // Workshop: Boheme Workshop // Location: Messinia, Greece

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