rose quartz garden wedding

From Brie’s Honeybees & Flowers “ I’ve been really inspired by the Versailles gardens in France lately, reminiscing on my trips there, and imagining what types of florals and romantic dinner settings I might want to create in modern-day that still capture the essence of a classic look. This inspiration shoot is the result of that!”

Rose quartz garden wedding reception | Alissa Noelle Photography Chic bridal updo | Alissa Noelle Photography White peony bridal bouquet | Alissa Noelle Photography Celia Grace blush pink wedding dress | Alissa Noelle Photography

From Brie’s Honeybees & Flowers – “I know there is a lot of inspiration out there right now using blush and golds in shoots, so I wanted to do something that switched the order around slightly, playing within the classic color scheme. By putting a bride in an eco-friendly blush dress from Celia Grace, and painting some of the ferns gold in her bouquet, they offer subtle ways of new inspiration for a look that is so loved.

Rose quartz place setting with gold cutlery | Alissa Noelle Photography Rose quartz garden wedding reception | Alissa Noelle Photography Brass bud vase | Alissa Noelle Photography Unique, trendy necklace for a wedding | Alissa Noelle Photography

From Brie’s Honeybees & Flowers – “Since I do both fresh and dried flower arrangements for couples, I wanted to use both in a shoot to show how they can intermingle with harmony as we see in the florals on the napkin details. This shoot really is the result of my wild imagination.

On my last visit to the Versailles Palace, I saw a tiny house on the property, tucked among some large trees to sort of hide it, and I just imagined what tiny dinner parties would be likely held in these little gem corners of the property if given the opportunity. Something a little less grand than a dinner for Marie Antoinette, but that still embraces the flavor of fine dining with soft pinks and golds.”

White peony centerpiece | Alissa Noelle Photography Rose quartz wedding dress from Celia Grace | Alissa Noelle Photography

“I’m a big fan of small intimate dinner settings, and I think it would be so imaginative to host a wedding with a mix of small, intimate table settings too—taking a classic approach, and mixing in a little contemporary twist.”


Photography: Alissa Noelle Photography // Florals & Styling: Brie’s Honeybees & Flowers // Dress: Celia Grace // Make Up: Katharine Sanchez // Calligraphy: Jenny Sanders of Graceline // Glasses & Dishes: Dish Wish // Model: Bijon Hill.

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