wedding planning | where did I start pt2

A destination wedding has its ups and downs but it sure helped that our friends and family were on the other side and able to help us out when needed.

My parents gave us the ok on our venue and we paid our deposit before even seeing it in person! I wouldn’t recommend this but I trusted their judgement and I also gave them an extensive lis of questions to ask and things to look out for. I think it also helped that I’m able to visualize things in my head and I don’t need to see all the pieces in front of me.

As I mentioned in my previous wedding planning post (if you missed it you can find part 1 here) the majority of my vendors are from the UK. So how did I go about finding them?


I am very lucky to have friends where I live that are florists. I was able to sit down with them and discuss exactly what I wanted, wrote down notes in the florist lingo so I could email potential vendors and they would understand my vision. I searched Pinterest and found photos of the style and feel of what I wanted and that really helped. Again, Instagram was a huge help too.

ruby and the wolf bouquet


Our baker was great! She was in the process of opening up a store and allowed us to have our cake tasting in the kitchen even thought it wasn’t finished. As well as cakes, she also offered a wide range of other desserts and had lots of examples for us to see and taste. I almost didn’t want to serve our cake as it ¬†would taste so good I didn’t want to share it. Needless to say I did not win that battle!

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Hair and Make Up

This was a tricky one. 80% of the make up artists I found and liked did not have any photos of brides of my colour. Maybe they hadn’t worked with any ethnic brides or maybe they just didn’t post the pictures. Either way it was quite frustrating. I eventually found a girl and again sent her photos of what I was thinking. I had a trial when we went back the UK to visit and she was great. I’m still unsure about what to do with my hair. Again Pinteresting ethnic bride usually brings up east indian brides of very very black brides with natural hair. Come on universe!! Lets be more diverse!


I personally think if you are a DJ you should have some videos and/or audio of yourself DJing an event. Not many of the companies in the UK did this. Music is a very important part of our wedding and we didn’t want someone who played the Macarena or YMCA. I had a very lengthy email conversation with our chosen DJ to make sure he was right for us.

I think we must have a very high level of trust as many people would never dream of paying a deposit for something so far in advance an in another country. We have been very lucky and I have been in contact with all our vendors and I feel comfortable that they will deliver the service we expect. Thats was the hard part of our planning process. The other was the wait!


Bouquet photography: Depict Photography // Florist: Ruby & the Wolf.

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