hidden costs of wedding planning

Aside from the obvious items you have down on your wedding budget, like venue, photographer, stationery, flowers etc, there is another list. The ‘secret’ list. The list that might tip you over the edge. The list no one tells you about and you don’t think about until it’s happening to you. It’s called, on my list, ‘Other’!

As I’m up to my eyeballs in wedding planning, I have in the last few months started dipping my toes in the ‘other’ pool and it’s getting deeper! It doesn’t help that I work in the industry so see cool ideas all the time and I think to myself, ooh that girl is doing a 24″x36″ signature drink sign… do I need a large signature drink sign too? Story of my life.

Lemon stationery |Kristyn Harder Photography

Once all of the big ticket important items are confirmed, its the small, cute idea items that kill you! Here are some of the things on my ‘other’ list that I now deem essential to my wedding:

  • Getting ready outfit

I wanted to have a ‘getting ready’ bridal robe but have seen it a million times. Plus they can get pretty pricey if you get the good stuff. I played around with the idea of a slogan t-shirt, and then thought my bridesmaids might look cute in them too. I then remembered if i do that, everything is x3, so opted to buy a large shirt and cute shorts to get ready in.

  • Shower outfits

I want to look cute at my bridal shower in a white dress because I’m the bride. I didn’t have a cute white dress so had to buy one. Luckily the one I liked turned out to be in the sale aisle! Thank you Dress Gods! I am also having a shower back in the UK, so that means… dress number 2! You of course can’t wear the same dress twice but again the Dress Gods were looking down on me and I have a dress I bought last year for such an occasion and will be wearing that.

  • Honeymoon outfits

Can you begin to see a trend!? We will be going to one of the fashion capitols of the world for our honeymoon and if you know me well enough, you know I have outfits for every occasion. Honeymoon wear is a big deal! We will be spending our down time in Paris doing typically French things so I want to be as stereotypical as humanly possible. I will be riding a bicycle with my baguette in my basket in a striped t-shirt. We will have a picnic by the Sein and I will be in a cute floral skirt and when we peruse the museums I’ll have a silk scarf tied around my neck. This is my dream. Don’t judge.

  • Dress fitting

I have my final dress fitting next month and I know it will need to be hemmed but I’m not sure how much that will cost. I will also have to purchase a good dress bag as we will be taking it on a plane. I am using jewelry and accessories that I already own but if you don’t, they will get added onto your ‘other’ list. I’m also thinking about a cool hanger because all those girls on Pinterest have a cute hanger, so do I need a cute hanger???

  • Wax seals

I have a weird obsession with wax seal and I’ve been seeing lots of cool photos of people using them in their wedding. One of the ones that stuck in my mind was someone did escort cards and had the wax seal with the table number on. We already have a sweet idea for our escort cards so that idea was out, but we have found a way to use them. It’s unnecessary but I love it!

  • Picture frames

We have a lot of signage at our wedding and I wanted to put them in frames. Same deal with our table numbers. It looks good but its not essential but I’ve convinced myself it is.

  • Thank you gifts

Saying thank you to your bridal party, parents and vendors is a must. So cards and thoughtful gifts can begin to add up. They don’t have to be extravagant but again your quantity will push your price up.

  • Stamps

Make sure you budget in stamps to your stationery suite. Mailing stamps and RSVP stamps. Our invites were oversized so needed more stamps. I used lots of vintage postage stamps for the local invites, hand delivered where we could and sent a box full back to my parents to distribute in the UK.

Vintage Stamps | Burnett's Boards

What I’m getting at is that yes, all these websites tell you the basics, but really think about every little detail and where you can save money on because they creep up quick and sometimes become unavoidable!


Lemon Stationery: Kristyn Harder Photography // Sugar Cookies: Sugar Shimmer // Stationery : The Social Page.

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Claudette has been in the wedding industry for over 8 years and has her own event management business, Claudette Marie Events. She loves flowers, ribbon and her daschund Frank. Follow her on Instagram and Pinterest.


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