your bachelorette party: BEST.WEEKEND.EVER

Your bachelorette is all about creating the best.weekend.ever. for her last fling before the ring. It’s these experiences that make memories that last a lifetime, and that’s where Bach Weekend comes in. Bach Weekend takes an awesome destination (right now you can choose from Miami, New Orleans, or Nashville), epic moments that only they can pull off (VIP concert at a mansion anyone!?) and you’ll have the best bachelorette (or bachelor!) party ever!

Did you know that the average attendee spends around $850 on a bachelor or bachelorette weekend?! That’s a lot. Bach Weekend offers 48 EPIC hours at around half the price!

Wanna know something even better? These weekend are co-ed, so you and your beau can have your bachelor and bachelorette together (it’s the classy thing to do y’all and totally on trend!) and never miss an epic moment.

Bach Weekend

Be sure to check out Bach Weekend to see all the amazing options, perks, and more! Dates are available for spring and fall for these destinations so check them out, but they fill up fast so get in touch with your crew and get the party started!

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