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Stunning, chic, modern, elegant, eclectic… no matter what sort of décor you’re seeking for your wedding, engagement party, editorial shoot, rehearsal dinner, get together – you don’t have to spray paint cheap plastic vases gold anymore and you don’t have to shell out a lot of money for décor items you’ll only ever you once. Why? Because Rentivist exists!

Rent your wedding decor with Rentivist | connects people, small businesses, collectors, hoarders, and havers-of-nice-things to other people who are looking to list items for their events, projects, weddings, and more. It’s like the Airbnb of styling & decorating.

Rent your wedding decor with Rentivist |

They’re not a rental company; they’re an online space to connect, find, & rent. Plus, Rentivist’s search filters make it fast and easy to seek exactly what you’re looking for. You can filter décor items, furniture, details, and more down by location, item type, color, shape, material, finish, and even the style. Go take a peek! There are over hundreds of items to browse and rent in the vintage style section, mid-century modern (my fav! I even found vintage school lunch trays for rent!) art deco, classic (and that’s not even half of the style categories).

Rent your wedding decor with Rentivist |

I actually stopped by the Rentivist booth while at The Special Event Summit in Orlando at the beginning of this year and it was super fun styling a place setting with the items they had and everything was available for rent online. I chose a textural linen, a charger, some gold cutlery, some gold-rimmed stemware, vintage plate, some beautiful purple budvases and a boho-style sculptural centerpiece!

Rent your wedding decor with Rentivist |

The great thing about Rentivist is that it’s a two-way street. Do you have nice things that you don’t really use? List them! Make them earn their keep! I know PLENTY of you wedding planners out there have garages full of votives, vintage chairs, cake stands, and the like. Rentivist makes it easy for you to catalogue your items, set your own terms, and then they take care of bringing the renters to you.

But enough from me – now it’s up to you! Take a stroll through the endless amainzgness at Rentivist and let me know your favorite find!

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