pastel bridal picnic in mexico

From Lucia FatimaNayeli Blanquel and I developed this wedding inspiration shoot in order to showcase something not typically seen with weddings in Mexico – soft, pastel colors! We photographed it all in a private location and opted for a delicate bridal picnic thinking that it was something both feminine and unique.”

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From Lucia Fatima – “Our set designer, Annafiori, organized a simple, handmade backdrop using Mexican flowers and plants to decorate our set and give the picnic an original touch. The blanket was handmade in Mexico along with the pink pillow. We decorated the candy plate with sweets and even though typical Mexican style is more colorful, we kept the touches soft and airy.”

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“Since we wanted this bridal inspiration shoot to be very romantic, we kept our color palette soft with pale pinks, white, cream, and of course a touch of natural green. The soft colors also worked well with film photography!

Our beautiful model, Aurora, is a real bride-to-be and you can see the excitement, romance, and ‘wedding mood’ in her eyes and movements. She was so easy to work with!”

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Photography: Lucia Fatima // Wedding Planner: Nayeli Blanquel // Florist: Annafiori Spazzi // Dress: Aire Barecelona // Décor: Marieta Accessoire // Linens: Butterfly Linens // Beauty: Pink Chic // Film Lab: Carmencita // Model: Aurora // Location: Private Ranch in Mexico.

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