what you should know about last minute weddings

You might think a ‘last minute wedding’ has a negative connotation – but believe me, it does not! Last minute weddings happen all the time, all around us, for various reasons. The couple doesn’t want to spend a year or more going over every detail, you prefer to elope, or you’re just ready to get the party started!

Protea and rose bridal bouquet | Essence PhotographyEssence Photography – see their Last Minute Wed deal here

Another important thing to remember and a common misconception is that last minute weddings are not sub-par, they’re still absolutely gorgeous and can be had using the same wedding professionals, vendors, and venues that other brides spend years planning.


Last Minute Wed provides wedding details that just can’t be beat. This website was created by a wedding planner and her husband, so they know what they’re talking about! They hand select the best, top-rated vendors and offer you up to 80% off!


Vendors fill in their ‘last minute’ wedding slots that are unbooked and you, the couple, gets the savings. And ‘last minute’ doesn’t mean next week. It’s anywhere from 1-6 months!

Desert Wedding | Matthew Nigel Photography Matthew Nigel Photography – see the Last Minute Wed deal here.

Last Minute Wed allows you to shop wedding deals at your leisure or receive a custom quote. It’s definitely worth a try – there’s nothing to loose except possible savings!

I gave it whirl and window-shopped some of the discounts in Houston, where my parents live and where I’ve featured tons of wedding inspiration shoots from. What did I find? Discounts for wedding coordination, DJs, beauty services, floral designs, even 35% off of some seriously stunning jewelry and more!

Check out all the deals here and stay tuned for their roll out in even more cities across the U.S.!

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