which style of engagement ring is right for you?

Saying yes to a beautiful, diamond engagement ring is going to be one of the most exciting moments of your life. Not only is your partner whom you adore promising to commit to you forever, but you’re being presented with a piece of jewelry that you’ll wear happily ever after!

Brian Gavin Diamond Engagement Rings

Because you’re going to wear that ring forever is why it’s SO important to get the right one. Of course the sentiment behind it is extraordinarily beautiful but if you’re the one wearing it every single day, it should be something that you adore too! Brian Gavin Diamonds has some of the most exquisite, unique, and breathtaking designs out there with the most flawlessly cut diamonds. Take a look and see which style of engagement ring is right for you!

Colored engagement rings from Brian Gavin Diamonds

You have an appreciation for unique beauty in all forms. You work hard and have a bit of a vintage vibe that others find truly charming. Your slightly unconventional sense of humor and love of the quirky make a COLORFUL ring the perfect choice for you.

Pave infinity diamond engagement ring

Relaxed, fun, and free-spirited are just a few of the phrases and words that friends would use to describe your unique kind of personality. A fondness for pretty details with unfettered beauty mean that you should say yes to a PAVE, INFINITY RING.

Oval diamond engagement ring from BrIan Gavin

You have class and grace and definitely tend towards the more traditional side, but you also strive to seek out the unique. You like timeless design and don’t switch your look with each passing trend. For a sophisticated beauty (inside and out) like you, say yes to an OVAL.

Rose gold diamond engagement ring from Brian Gavin Diamonds

Definitely anything but boring – you’re always up for spontaneous adventures and random fun. You definitely read up on the trend and incorporate them into your unique sense of style which is why a unique ROSE GOLD engagement ring is right for you!

Round halo diamond engagement ring

Drama Queen! But in a totally charming way. You’re the center of attention for all the right reasons which is why a big, beautiful ROUND HALO diamond engagement ring reflects your sense of the glamorous and let’s you make the perfect, graceful entrance every time.

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  1. It’s crazy to think that there are so many different kinds of engagement rings to choose from! It makes sense that you would want to choose carefully. It’s not like you can just change your mind!