newest, most exciting concept in destination weddings

I couldn’t be more thrilled today to introduce you to the newest and most exciting concept in destination weddings…

Aisle Society has partnered with Abaco Beach Resort in the Bahamas to offer you Aisle Society Weddings – a carefully curated destination wedding experience designed by your favorite wedding influencers – the ladies of Aisle Society!

Aisle Society Weddings takes the stress out of wedding planning and since your destination wedding was conceptualized, designed, and styled by Aisle Society, you can trust that the details and experiences are going to ensure that you have the most gorgeous and memorable Caribbean destination wedding ever.

Destination wedding ceremony in the Bahamas | @aislesociety | #AisleSocietyWeddings #AisleSocietyLovesAbaco Cooling station for a destination wedding | @aislesociety | #AisleSocietyWeddings #AisleSocietyLovesAbaco Pink and aqua destination wedding invitations | @aislesociety | #AisleSocietyWeddings #AisleSocietyLovesAbaco Bahamas resort | @aislesociety | #AisleSocietyWeddings #AisleSocietyLovesAbaco Pink peony centerpiece four outdoor lounge | @aislesociety | #AisleSocietyWeddings #AisleSocietyLovesAbaco

Abaco Beach Resort is just a 40-minute flight from Florida but it’s a world away! Built in 1955, this boutique resort has historic and authentic Bahamian charm that ensures that while large enough to accommodate your destination wedding attendees, it’s intimate enough to feel like you have the place to yourself. Your photographer won’t have to Photoshop tourists out of your beach wedding portraits – we promise.

Driftwood wedding ceremony sign | @aislesociety | #AisleSocietyWeddings #AisleSocietyLovesAbaco Lace flower girl dress | @aislesociety | #AisleSocietyWeddings #AisleSocietyLovesAbaco Triangular wedding menus | @aislesociety | #AisleSocietyWeddings #AisleSocietyLovesAbaco Destination wedding jewelry | @aislesociety | #AisleSocietyWeddings #AisleSocietyLovesAbaco Bahamas destination wedding | @aislesociety | #AisleSocietyWeddings #AisleSocietyLovesAbaco Outdoor lounge area for a wedding | @aislesociety | #AisleSocietyWeddings #AisleSocietyLovesAbaco Beach wedding cooling station | @aislesociety | #AisleSocietyWeddings #AisleSocietyLovesAbaco

With an authentically Bahamian vibe and design details crafted by the world’s most popular wedding editors, your Aisle Society Wedding at Abaco Beach Resort will be anything but ordinary! Choose from a lush lawn or intimate beach ceremony with a draped bamboo altar and handcrafted wooden benches. A chic cooling station with a custom dip-dyed linen, fans, and drink carafes will keep your guests happy in the sunny Bahamas.

Be sure to take a peek here for a full list of Aisle Society Weddings ceremony inclusions (isn’t the Bahamian conch shell ring bearer ‘pillow’ the nicest touch?!)

Peach and cream bridal bouquet | @aislesociety | #AisleSocietyWeddings #AisleSocietyLovesAbaco Abaco Beach Resort | @aislesociety | #AisleSocietyWeddings #AisleSocietyLovesAbaco Beach wedding reception | @aislesociety | #AisleSocietyWeddings #AisleSocietyLovesAbaco

A destination wedding isn’t just a ceremony. We know it’s more than that. We know that you want the style, details, design, and authentic experiences to extend into your wedding reception, activities, pre-wedding activities, and your honeymoon so Aisle Society designed a wedding reception that simply knocks the socks off of typical Caribbean destination wedding style.

With locally crafted farm tables under a canopy of bistro lights, glimmering oil votives and mercury glass centerpieces, custom pattered napkins, bamboo chairs and chic clear chargers, the Aisle Society Weddings reception design at Abaco Beach is simply spectacular.

Tulle overlay for wedding dress | @aislesociety | #AisleSocietyWeddings #AisleSocietyLovesAbaco Outdoor beach wedding lounge area | @aislesociety | #AisleSocietyWeddings #AisleSocietyLovesAbaco Shell ring pillow | @aislesociety | #AisleSocietyWeddings #AisleSocietyLovesAbaco Farm table beach wedding with bistro light canopy | @aislesociety | #AisleSocietyWeddings #AisleSocietyLovesAbaco Beach wedding in the Bahamas | @aislesociety | #AisleSocietyWeddings #AisleSocietyLovesAbaco Pink and aqua destination beach wedding in the Bahamas | @aislesociety | #AisleSocietyWeddings #AisleSocietyLovesAbaco

And because the Aisle Society wedding pros know that your wedding celebration doesn’t end at the reception, there are several add ons to choose from to keep the champagne popping and your toes in the sand late into the night including a customized outdoor lounge area, live local music, and a beach bonfire option with s’mores and throw pillows.

Beach wedding reception with bistro lights | @aislesociety | #AisleSocietyWeddings #AisleSocietyLovesAbaco Romantic beach wedding sunset ceremony in the Bahamas | @aislesociety | #AisleSocietyWeddings #AisleSocietyLovesAbaco Beach wedding in the Bahamas | @aislesociety | #AisleSocietyWeddings #AisleSocietyLovesAbaco Pink and aqua wedding tablescape on farmtables | @aislesociety | #AisleSocietyWeddings #AisleSocietyLovesAbaco Beach wedding lounge area | @aislesociety | #AisleSocietyWeddings #AisleSocietyLovesAbaco

But it doesn’t stop there… we’ve curated experiences that will make your Bahamas destination wedding and honeymoon one for the books. From the moment you arrive with your wedding party and guests to the moment you two say I DO and beyond, there are plenty of ways to make lasting memories in an authentic way that include the careful attention to detail that Aisle Society is known for:

Just imagine…

Swimming with the famous Abaco Island Pigs

Bahamas swimming pigs | Authentic honeymoon experiences | | @aislesociety | #AisleSocietyWeddings #AisleSocietyLovesAbaco

Dinner for two on a secluded island (travel by boat and enjoy the intimate setting as chef prepares your meal oceanside!)

Bahamas destination wedding and honeymoon | Authentic honeymoon experiences | | @aislesociety | #AisleSocietyWeddings #AisleSocietyLovesAbaco Private island excursion | Authentic honeymoon experiences | | @aislesociety | #AisleSocietyWeddings #AisleSocietyLovesAbaco Bahamas destination wedding and honeymoon | Authentic honeymoon experiences | | @aislesociety | #AisleSocietyWeddings #AisleSocietyLovesAbaco Private island chef | Authentic honeymoon experiences | | @aislesociety | #AisleSocietyWeddings #AisleSocietyLovesAbaco

Abaco Islands Bar Crawl: there are scores of little cays and islands easily accessible by boat and each of them has a funky, unique little bar on it and it’s the perfect way to cut loose with your girls, guys, or entire wedding party and truly get the Bahamas Out Island experience!

Tropical cocktails | Authentic honeymoon experiences | | @aislesociety | #AisleSocietyWeddings #AisleSocietyLovesAbaco Bahamas destination wedding and honeymoon | Authentic honeymoon experiences | | @aislesociety | #AisleSocietyWeddings #AisleSocietyLovesAbaco Bahamas destination wedding and honeymoon | Authentic honeymoon experiences | | @aislesociety | #AisleSocietyWeddings #AisleSocietyLovesAbaco

Fishing Excursion on a private boat and the chef at Abaco Beach Resort will prepare and serve your catches for dinner!

Bahamas Out Islands Abaco Beach Resort fishing trip | Authentic honeymoon experiences | | @aislesociety | #AisleSocietyWeddings #AisleSocietyLovesAbaco Bahamas bachelor party | Authentic honeymoon experiences | | @aislesociety | #AisleSocietyWeddings #AisleSocietyLovesAbacoBeach bonfire s'mores | @aislesociety | #AisleSocietyWeddings #AisleSocietyLovesAbaco

Get the entire scoop on this exciting, groundbreaking destination wedding experience here!


Design & Photography: Aisle Society // Production & Location: Abaco Beach Resort in the Bahamas // Videography: Hatfield Productions // Wedding Dresses: Alyssa Kristin // Sandals: Bella Belle Shoes // Jewelry: Haute Bride // Bridesmaid Dresses: Kate McDonald // Gold Swimsuit & Resort Dress: BHLDN // Flower Girl Dress: D. Liles Collection // Calligraphy: Peninsula Creative // Flower Girl Basket: SchneiderPeeps // Makeup: Beat by Bri // Flowers: Buds N Blooms // Rentals: PF Wedding Planning & Party Rentals.

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  2. The more I learn about laid back island culture, the more I love it. What a delightful adventure!