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Now that you’re engaged give yourself the gift of a destination wedding in the Caribbean! For the right bride, a destination wedding is the only way to go. It’s far less stressful than a wedding at home, a destination wedding saves you money (especially since the guest list self-limits) and Caribbean destination weddings are definitely more fun!

I recently had an opportunity to see for myself what a destination wedding and honeymoon in Jamaica at the Royalton Blue Waters Montego Bay would be like and I was impressed not just with the weddings offerings but with the resort itself.

Destination wedding in Jamaica | Gillian Ellis Photography | #RoyaltonBlueWaters, #AllinLuxury® #LuxuryWeddings #AisleSocietylovesRoyalton #RoyaltonLuxuryWeddings Private island rehearsal dinner Jamaica | Gillian Ellis Photography | #RoyaltonBlueWaters, #AllinLuxury® #LuxuryWeddings #AisleSocietylovesRoyalton #RoyaltonLuxuryWeddings Jamaica destination wedding | Gillian Ellis Photography | #RoyaltonBlueWaters, #AllinLuxury® #LuxuryWeddings #AisleSocietylovesRoyalton #RoyaltonLuxuryWeddings Purple destination wedding in Jamaica | Gillian Ellis Photography | #RoyaltonBlueWaters, #AllinLuxury® #LuxuryWeddings #AisleSocietylovesRoyalton #RoyaltonLuxuryWeddings Royalton Blue Waters | Gillian Ellis Photography | #RoyaltonBlueWaters, #AllinLuxury® #LuxuryWeddings #AisleSocietylovesRoyalton #RoyaltonLuxuryWeddings

Blue Waters includes the same great things you’ve come to expect from the Royalton brand and their All-In Luxury® vacation experience:

  • – Stylish architecture
  • – Spacious, modern, and well-appointed rooms
  • – Unlimited reservation-free dining
  • – Personalized service
  • – Premium drinks & handcrafted cocktails
  • – Wifi & free calls home
  • – Entertainment and shows
  • – Supervised programming for children and teens (which is perfect for your wedding if your guest list includes your nieces, nephews etc!)

And let’s not forget the gorgeous beaches, cabana service, spa, crystalline swimming pools, tropical breezes, and warm Caribbean hospitality!

Destination wedding in Jamaica | Gillian Ellis Photography | #RoyaltonBlueWaters, #AllinLuxury® #LuxuryWeddings #AisleSocietylovesRoyalton #RoyaltonLuxuryWeddings Purple destination wedding decor | Gillian Ellis Photography | #RoyaltonBlueWaters, #AllinLuxury® #LuxuryWeddings #AisleSocietylovesRoyalton #RoyaltonLuxuryWeddings Jamaica destination wedding | Gillian Ellis Photography | #RoyaltonBlueWaters, #AllinLuxury® #LuxuryWeddings #AisleSocietylovesRoyalton #RoyaltonLuxuryWeddings Royalton Blue Waters Montego Bay Jamaica | Gillian Ellis Photography | #RoyaltonBlueWaters, #AllinLuxury® #LuxuryWeddings #AisleSocietylovesRoyalton #RoyaltonLuxuryWeddings Jamaica | Gillian Ellis Photography | #RoyaltonBlueWaters, #AllinLuxury® #LuxuryWeddings #AisleSocietylovesRoyalton #RoyaltonLuxuryWeddings White boutonniere | Gillian Ellis Photography | #RoyaltonBlueWaters, #AllinLuxury® #LuxuryWeddings #AisleSocietylovesRoyalton #RoyaltonLuxuryWeddings

Aside from the cabanas with their own plunge pools, beach views, and butler service (amazing right?! It’s the first of its kind!) the biggest pro I found while visiting the Royalton Blue Waters Montego Bay Jamaica was the fact that your entire wedding party, every single guest, will be taken care of.

With everything that this Jamaican resort offers, every single friend and family member will have the absolute best time possible at your destination wedding. There’s a waterslide pool & waterpark for the kids, watersports & activities for everyone, more restaurant choices than you’ll have time to eat at featuring local and global cuisines, and plenty of adults-only spaces for kicking back, relaxing, and romancing.

From the moment you’re engaged all the way through to your honeymoon, the professional wedding planners at Royalton are with you along the way. They’ll cater to your budget, needs, & desires, and help craft the perfect destination wedding and honeymoon. It’s effortless!

While at the Royalton we were not only treated to a staged wedding that allowed us to get up-close and personal with the experience, but we also witnessed a real wedding taking place and let me tell you – it looked like an absolute blast! Delicious Caribbean food, a live Jamaican reggae/ dance band… everyone’s shoes were off and arms in the air as they celebrated and of course the bride looked stunning in her beautiful white dress during the Champagne toast.

Royalton Blue Waters Montego Bay Jamaica | all-inclusive Jamica resort | #RoyaltonBlueWaters, #AllinLuxury® #LuxuryWeddings #AisleSocietylovesRoyalton #RoyaltonLuxuryWeddings

It was so easy to image how an epic wedding + honeymoon week in Jamaica at the Royalton Blue Waters might unfold. We got to experience it all and the moments were beautifully memorable…

  • – lounging by the pool with friends
  • – sampling the Jamaican jerk chicken from the beachside specialty Jerk Hut
  • – having a custom cocktail made for us at the swim up bar
  • – experiencing the beautiful beaches and turquoise waters of Jamaica
  • – enjoying a private group dinner (SO perfect for your rehearsal dinner) on a private island! I’ll never forget those sweet tropical breezes and the way the bistro lights just added so much charm to the ambiance. Oh, and the grilled garlic shrimp. Divine!
  • – feeling pretty special being able to flash my Diamond Club™ wristband and gaining access to the lounge for some exclusive snacks, and to the special area on the beach just for Club members
  • – laughing and playing in the lazy river
  • – enjoying a relaxing couple’s massage with my boyfriend and hydrotherapy treatments at the spa
  • – being in awe during every single meal at how absolutely delicious the food was
  • – sleeping incredibly well on their premium, exclusively designed DreamBed™
  • – sipping coffee on our private patio while watching the sun rise
  • – watching a charming wedding demonstration take place on a jetty over the water
  • – meeting up with everyone at the Martini Mix bar before heading off to dinner at one of their 12(!!!) restaurants. Our favorites were OPA! which featured exquisitely presented Greek and Mediterranean fare and the C/X Culinary experience which I’ll explain more about in a moment.

Beach cabana in Jamaica | Gillian Ellis Photography | #RoyaltonBlueWaters, #AllinLuxury® #LuxuryWeddings #AisleSocietylovesRoyalton #RoyaltonLuxuryWeddings Lazy river at the Royalton Blue Waters Montego Bay | Gillian Ellis Photography | #RoyaltonBlueWaters, #AllinLuxury® #LuxuryWeddings #AisleSocietylovesRoyalton #RoyaltonLuxuryWeddings

The C/X Culinary Experience at the Royalton was quite remarkable and the first in the Caribbean to offer something so unique.

Your party (2-20 or so) enters an exquisitely decorated private dining room with a large dining table and at the head of it is an open layout kitchen where the chef cooks, creates, educates, and entertains while preparing and presenting you with a coursed, wine-paired meal that is simply out of this world!

Our customized menu included:

– Salad of Jerk smoked duck breast, crisp plantain chip, field greens, avocado relish, and finished with a green tomato chutney.

– The second course was a display of conch (a popular shellfish) and it was done 3 ways served on one plate: a conch soup, a conch ceviche and a conch fritter.

– The main dish was Caribbean spiny lobster and beef tenderloin with balsamic jerk demi-glaze and it was accompanied by dasheen (which very popular local root vegetable) and potato canellonis.

– The final course was an Orange Rumbaba which is an orange vanilla cake laced with local rums and served in orange rum sauce.

Jamaica | Gillian Ellis Photography | #RoyaltonBlueWaters, #AllinLuxury® #LuxuryWeddings #AisleSocietylovesRoyalton #RoyaltonLuxuryWeddings C/X Culinary Experience at Royalton Montego Bay Jamaica | Gillian Ellis Photography | #RoyaltonBlueWaters, #AllinLuxury® #LuxuryWeddings #AisleSocietylovesRoyalton #RoyaltonLuxuryWeddings

One of the benefits of being a bride & groom with Royalton is that you’ll be upgraded to the Diamond Club™. This exclusive perk gives you a truly luxurious experience that sets you apart, as you should be during your destination wedding & honeymoon! With the Diamond Club™ upgrades you’ll receive:

  • – Preferred room locations
  • – Butler service
  • – Select in-suite liquors
  • – An exclusive area to use on the beach with butler service
  • – Personalized check-in and check-out
  • – Access to the hors d’oeuvres, snacks, and drinks in the Diamond Club ™ Lounge
  • – An upgraded room service menu
  • – Discounted spa & beauty service treatments

And in case you’re wondering what exactly is included in that alluring ‘butler service’ feature you just read, it’s as good as you’re imagining: personalized property tours, the unpacking and packing of your luggage, ironing, laundry pick-up, newspaper delivery, assistance organizing special occasions and activities, ice delivery and so much more.

You’re getting married. You guys deserve it!

Destination wedding in Jamaica | Gillian Ellis Photography | #RoyaltonBlueWaters, #AllinLuxury® #LuxuryWeddings #AisleSocietylovesRoyalton #RoyaltonLuxuryWeddings Jamaica destination wedding reception | Gillian Ellis Photography | #RoyaltonBlueWaters, #AllinLuxury® #LuxuryWeddings #AisleSocietylovesRoyalton #RoyaltonLuxuryWeddings Destination wedding Royalton Montego Bay Jamaica | Gillian Ellis Photography | #RoyaltonBlueWaters, #AllinLuxury® #LuxuryWeddings #AisleSocietylovesRoyalton #RoyaltonLuxuryWeddings Purple and white destination wedding at Royalton Blue Waters Jamaica | Gillian Ellis Photography | #RoyaltonBlueWaters, #AllinLuxury® #LuxuryWeddings #AisleSocietylovesRoyalton #RoyaltonLuxuryWeddings Royalton Blue Waters Jamaica | Gillian Ellis Photography | #RoyaltonBlueWaters, #AllinLuxury® #LuxuryWeddings #AisleSocietylovesRoyalton #RoyaltonLuxuryWeddings

To get married at the Royalton Blue Waters Montego Bay you can start by picking one of the following fully-customizable Jamaican destination wedding packages and go from there by choosing your colors, menu, floral designs, ceremony venue, dance floors and so much more.

Love Wedding Package
Dream Wedding Package
Paradise Wedding Package
Just The Two Of Us Wedding Package
Vow Renewal Wedding Package

And yep. They can perform ceremonies of all faiths, mixed-faiths, or you can write your own program to say I DO to.

Whether you’re getting married or looking for your honeymoon destination (or both!) the Royalton Blue Waters Montego Bay is definitely worth looking into!


Images by Gillian Ellis Photography on behalf of Aisle Society, iPhone snaps via myself, and brand images via Royalton Blue Waters Montego Bay Jamaica.

* While Royalton Blue Waters Montego Bay Jamaica our experience, I am not required to do anything in return. This review is a good one because I would never bother to write about or promote a company or experience I didn’t care for. All opinions are my own!

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