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From the bride-to-be, Camille – “We met my Junior year, and Sutton’s senior year of college at The University of Maryland, College Park. We were neighbors: my two roommates and I living in the apartment above Sutton and his two roommates. The first week of moving in, I was sitting outside on the steps and Sutton and his roommates came to introduce themselves and we all hung out that night.

We had a strong connection instantly and seeing each other one on one without our roommates. He quickly became my best friend, sharing the same goals, values, and sense of humor. We even realized we vacationed in the same place in North Carolina for the same 2 weeks growing up – like we were destined to meet at some point! With Sutton it was easy, it made sense, I could be myself…”

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“Our proposal took place on Thanksgiving day. We were in Fenwick Island, Delaware visiting my parents for the long holiday weekend.

Thanksgiving morning, we were getting ready to head over to my family’s beach house in Ocean City where all my family comes to celebrate and cook Thanksgiving dinner together. My Mom and I were in the kitchen packing a cooler when my Dad came in saying ‘Sutton needs your help Kobe outside.’

My heart instantly started racing at the idea that something bad could have happened to our dog. I ran outside and turned the corner of the house to find Sutton standing in my parent’s side yard, with Kobe sitting about 50 feet from him on the opposite side of the yard. I asked him ‘what’s wrong with Kobe, why is he over there?’ As I was asking this, Sutton called Kobe (this was obviously something they practiced without my knowledge) and he began to run over to us. As he got closer, I noticed 2 things; Kobe was wearing a black and white bow tie, and there was a black box on Kobe’s back attached to his harness. Once Kobe was next to us, Sutton began telling me all the sweet amazing things you could only hope to hear from the man you love. He knelt down, grabbed the box off Kobe’s back, and asked me to marry him.”

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“My Mom and Dad were able to watch and record the whole thing. My parents and I are super close, so the fact that Sutton asked both of my parents for permission to marry me, and included them in our proposal meant the world. November 23, 2017 was truly the most romantic, amazing day of my life!”

Greenery wreath with calligraphy


Photography & Planning: Manda Weaver Photography // Floral: Flourish Floral Artistry & Design // Rentals: A Little Rusty Shop // Makeup & Hair: Tangles and Knots // Ribbon: Torn & Tied // Calligraphy: Calligraphette Co // Location: North Carolina.

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