tips for a perfect wedding sparkler

Yes, it seems like a dream wedding: A perfect décor with you and your partner looking fabulous in your wedding outfits. The wedding flowers fit right with the theme, the photographs are coming well and you are content with all the arrangements made for the wedding. But the one thing that will get in your way of making the wedding a success is the sparkler and how you will manage the exit with perfect timing and style.

Wedding sparklers need specific instructions since timing and precautionary measures are required. Your photographers need to be aware of the exact location and you need time for the guests to gather around the space. These few tips would be very helpful for your perfect wedding sparkler.

Wedding Sparklers

  1. Cross-check with the venue

First things first, if you want a grand exit with sparklers, make sure the venue you choose allows using sparklers. Before booking the venue, don’t forget to cross-check about their rules regarding usage of sparklers. If the venue allows for sparklers, check the location well and decide on a spacious spot to light up the sparklers. If you don’t find a spacious place, look for an alternative venue otherwise it might be risky to light up the sparklers.

  1. Size, shape and burn time

Sparklers come in various shapes and sizes. And in this case, the size matters. The burn time is according to the size. Consult with your photographer and videographer about what will look better in the frames. The size varies from 36 inches to 10 inches and the average burn time is 2 to 3 minutes. Ideally the guests are given smaller sparklers and the main sparkler is 20 to 36 inches. Choose your main sparkler with maximum burn time so that it can be photographed properly.

Wedding Sparklers

  1. A balanced ratio with the guests

Don’t buy too many sparklers and waste your money. You don’t really have to buy sparkler for each guest. Try to maintain a 3:4 ratios of sparklers and guests.  Close ones will stay till the end of the wedding and you would find many sparklers will get wasted. So buy a balanced quantity of sparklers.

  1. Safety measures

This is the most important part of your perfect wedding sparkler. Make sure you have enough outdoor space to light the sparklers. Make announcement beforehand for the guests to keep ample distance from each other, you don’t want a fire hazard on your wedding day. Keep few attendees to take care of the children to avoid accidents.

Wedding Sparklers

  1. Check your sparklers beforehand

Don’t forget to check your sparklers beforehand. Timing is very important for the exit and so you should give a trial run with few sparklers so that there’s no logistical difficulty on the wedding day. Keep track of how long it takes to lighten up and other glitches possible with it. Also, make sure you have enough match sticks or lighters to avoid logistical difficulties during your wedding day.

  1. Flower fireworks

For a beach themed wedding, you chose to go all floral. You customized the outfits and got those perfect wedding flowers. To go with the theme, the icing on the cake would be some floral fireworks to end the wedding celebration. You do need to spend a little extra for this but would be totally worthwhile if it brings a smile to your partner’s face. Don’t forget to take security permission beforehand to do the fireworks.

Wedding Sparklers

  1. Heart shaped sparklers

Don’t bother if people call you cheesy or way too romantic when you get those beautiful heart-shaped sparklers. The photographs would be amazing and you get to cherish the memory forever. If you spend more on your own sparkler, adjust the budget by giving smaller sparklers to the guests. Heart shaped sparklers also come in different sizes; consult with your photographer before deciding on the size and color.

  1. Substitute for sparklers

If you have already booked the venue and they don’t allow sparklers, no need to get disappointed. You can get as innovative as possible. For your grand exit, look for new substitute. Gather inspiration from Pinterest and find new alternatives. You can glow sticks, use confetti or light up tiny candles even for that dramatic exit. Unique things always catch everyone’s eyes. So don’t get upset if you have restrictions in the venue, there’s always a way out.

Wedding Sparklers

  1. Don’t forget the leftovers

The big day went perfect and your exit was as grand as you expected it to be. You are overwhelmed with joy and excitement. There is only one small thing left to be checked which is to keep the leftovers in a safe place. There will be wedding flowers everywhere that possess a risk to catch fire. Assign someone reliable for making sure the leftovers are kept in an empty space. Make an announcement beforehand about precautionary measures and let the guests know where to stack up the leftovers.

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