25 creative ways to use flowers in your wedding

Wedding flowers are a must for the decor, accessories and cakes. If you and your partner want something beyond the clichéd wedding flowers, you can always be innovative. Here’s how you can get creative with flowers and make things visually interesting for the guests.

  1. Wedding invitations

Start your creative journey with the wedding invitations. Use floral pattern in the card and stick a small stick of your wedding flower for the special guests.

  1. Welcome board

You love to see the welcome board with you and your partner’s name on it. Why not use floral petals to write your names and use those left-overs from whole blossoms .

  1. Flower girls

Instead of flower girls throwing flower petals, use substitutes like floral purse or floral wands. We are sure the young girls would be just as excited to hear this as you are.

  1. Centerpieces

Get unique by adding small candles around the centerpieces. For vintage weddings, you can use tree stumps as a base for reception centerpieces.

25 Creative Ways to Use Flowers in Your Wedding

  1. Floral belt

An accessory out of the ordinary could be floral belts. With a ranunculus in the middle and baby’s breath around the waist line.

  1. Floral bracelets

Floral crowns have become quite common. You can go for DIY floral bracelets for the bridesmaids and flower girls. A part of the whole blossoms would be enough to make one floral bracelet.

  1. Photo booth

Floral walls, floral wind-chimes can be something different for the décor. You can also use a tire hanging on a tree decorated with flowers as your photo-booth.

  1. Wedding arch

Use the stems of the whole blossoms to write something meaningful in front of your wedding arch.

  1. Wedding sparkler

Instead of going through the hassle of a sparkler, ask the guests to throw flower petals during your grand exit.

25 Creative Ways to Use Flowers in Your Wedding

  1. Turn wooden barks into tables

For your outdoor themed weddings, you can use wooden barks as a substitute for tables and wrap it around with colorful garlands.

  1. Floral pinwheels in Mason jar

Make pinwheels with small flowers such as chrysanthemum and put them in Mason jar as decoration pieces.

  1. Write with floral petals

This could be an interesting activity for the guests where they write messages to the couple with flower petals.

  1. A floral corner with couple photographs

Create a corner with ribbons and flowers for the memorable photographs of you and your partner.

  1. Decorate the bride and groom’s chairs

You might have seen this in other weddings, but what’s different here could be you could decorate it on your own during dinner time as part of a fun activity.

25 Creative Ways to Use Flowers in Your Wedding

  1. Renovate the cocktail table

Use carnations or succulents for the cocktail table as décor pieces and small wooden buckets instead of wine glasses.

  1. A vignette with rustic flowers

You can create a garden inspired vignette as a decoration piece with whole blossoms of roses, peonies or daisies.

  1. Substitute for vases

Substitute vases with DIY small floral baskets. This way you don’t have to use much flowers for the centerpieces.

  1. Boutonnieres

DIY boutonnieres made with shades of purple or blue can be a souvenir for the male guests.

  1. Floral accessory for the pets

If you or your partner have a pet, there is no reason for it to not dress-up for your big day. You can use floral collars and belts for your pet.

  1. The car décor

We know you are excited to see the ‘Just Married’ write-up in your car, tie some colorful roses all over the car to create an impactful look.

25 Creative Ways to Use Flowers in Your Wedding

  1. Floral necklace and earrings

Instead of corsages, floral necklace and earrings can be great accessories for the bride and her bridesmaids. This could be the perfect beach wedding look.

  1. DIY Flower baskets

DIY floral baskets can be a cheaper substitute for normal basket for flower girls.

  1. Bridal bouquets

This is something that you have to think of on your own. Design it just your own way with the flowers you love. It’s for your big day, so giving it a personal touch will hold more sentimental value.

25 Creative Ways to Use Flowers in Your Wedding

  1. A floral wedding wheel

Use a floral wedding wheel in the entrance with you and your partner’s name written on it.

  1. Provide floral coasters for direction

Things become a lot easier for you and the guests if there is proper direction in the venue. Adding a floral touch to it makes it even smoother and aesthetic!

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