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Dreaming of getting married in Bali? We are too, especially having just come back from there! After all it’s called the island of love and the island of gods for a good reason. This place couldn’t be a more beautiful (and affordable!) to tie the knot in. So – how do you make sure that your destination wedding in Bali is legal? Let’s discuss.

Editor’s Note: While we have thoroughly researched this article we cannot guarantee that all the information provided here is 100% accurate or complete. Use this as a guideline only. To get legally married in Bali, we strongly recommend that you seek the assistance of a wedding company in Bali or work closely with your wedding planner at your resort.

How to get married in BaliWanasmara Chapel at Komaneka Bisma in Ubud, Bali


The processing of both religious and civil wedding ceremonies in Bali is recognized by most foreign countries, so the first step is to make sure that it’s recognized by wherever it is that you reside.


Indonesia is a very religious nation so if you’re not religious but you still want to get married in Bali you’re going to have to make some concessions. Based on Indonesian Marriage Law No.1 of 1974 the couple getting married must be the same main religion. If not, bride or groom should sign a letter that he or she intends to marry in one religion that they agreed without force. Simple enough, right?

Next step: The letter should be legalized by the consulate office or local government. In Indonesia the following are recognized religions: Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity (Protestant or Catholic).

To get legally married in Bali you are required to have both a religious and legal ceremony (excepting Muslim couples). The religious ceremony and the legal ceremony must be held at the same location on the same day. That’s mean that at your wedding ceremony will be attended both representatives: from your religion (priest, monk, pastor etc) and from Indonesian Civil Registry Office. Afterwards, you will even get 2 certificates – one civil (aka: legal) and one religious.

The legal one is the important one you’ll need when you go back home and for most couples the religious one just serves as a keepsake.

For Muslim couples there is no need for an additional legal ceremony. The religious ceremony is held by a representative of the ‘Kantor Urusan Agama’ which translates to ‘The office of Religious affairs’ so the ceremony is already considered as legal marriage in Bali.

Limitations: You should also note that you cannot get married in a Balinese temple. If you see pictures of foreigners wearing Balinese attire being attended to by a Balinese priest – these are just blessing ceremonies and do not count. Another limitation, under Indonesian law same-sex couples cannot wed within their borders.

How to get married in BaliDestination wedding set up at Komaneka Resorts


If this is sounding overwhelming – it’s not with the guidance of your resort wedding coordinator or a destination wedding planner in Bali. However, another option that a lot of couples take is to have their legally binding wedding certificates signed at home and then host their destination wedding in Bali as a blessing or commitment ceremony. This alleviates religious obligations and paperwork worries.

However, paperwork doesn’t have to be a worry! Just get organized. To legally marry in Bali you’ll need to submit the following documents for both partners to a civil registry office in Bali to obtain your Notice of Intent to Marry:

  • Copies of your passports
  • Certified copies of your birth certificates
  • Certified divorce decree if either of you was previous married or certified death certificate if one partner is a widower
  • Four 4X6 photos with both of you standing side by side (bride-to-be on the right and no bare shoulders)
  • Certificate of Non-Impediment to Marriage issued by your Consular Representative for Indonesia.
  • Legalized written statements confirming the status of each partner (single, widower, divorcee etc)
  • A letter from your church if you’re wishing to be married in a church in Bali

A lot of these things are required by most countries when you married at home or abroad so with some planning, you can get legally married in Bali!

How to get married in BaliWedding Reception at Komaneka Bisma in Ubud, Bali. 

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