how to start planning your wedding

Whether big or small, planning your wedding is quite an undertaking, but a joyous one! It can seem overwhelming at first, but by breaking it up into tasks it’s not quite so daunting. We’re written down a few tips to help you get started in your wedding planning process.

How to start planning your wedding


Most brides and grooms-to-be start the wedding planning process with some idea of how they envision their big day be it an elopement, a destination wedding to somewhere tropical, a classic affair at a ritzy hotel, or something totally offbeat and unique. However, sitting down and really talking about your budget is important. Family members may be willing to and wanting to help you pay for your big day so if that’s the case then they should be included in the discussion as well. While it may be the most important day of your life, you don’t want to start your marriage in debt! You need to determine how much each of you is comfortable spending, whether you need to save a little over the coming months, and really know exactly what you can afford.

how to start planning your wedding


Wedding inspiration and design is what this blog is all about! We LOVE seeing what everyone does with their big day and providing inspiration for those who are in this part of the wedding planning process. There’s really no limits other than your own as to what you can do for your wedding. Coming up with theme is a good place to start, or even just a style be it classic, romantic, vintage, offbeat, indie, bohemian, modern, etc. You should also have in mind a color palette you both love (not just one color unless you’re looking for a monochromatic theme) and a great place to see the possibilities is the paint chip samples at a hardware store. There’s so much more out there than just ‘pink’ – rose? watermelon? blush? flamingo?

how to start planning your wedding


One of the first things to look at and book is the venue for your wedding. While some couples pick a date first, others look at venues first since the perfect wedding venue may not be available on the perfect date. We fall into the second category. A venue, like any space, can make or break the vibe you’re going for. Plus, the wedding venue will help you determine how many guests to invite and it needs to compliment your wedding theme. All other decisions will become much easier once you have a venue nailed down. Things like hiring a wedding planner, rental needs, lighting, and catering will be partly determined by whatever venue it is you choose.

While there are many more steps in the wedding planning process, sorting these three out first will get you off on the right foot!

Images: See more from this Palm Springs styled wedding by Leighanne Herr Photography and Pink Parasol Designs & Coordinating here

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