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We’ve all dreaming of a destination pre wedding shoot or destination wedding in our favorite spots around the world and there’s nothing more romantic that saying ‘we’re engaged!’ while exploring a unique city together and creating memories that last a lifetime. But the images you see, those picture perfect shots you’ve dreamed of with just you, your beau, and the Eiffel Tower? And absolutely nobody else?

Those shot take a little more than your average wedding photographer. They take some with extensive pre wedding and destination wedding photography experience to really create art.

Overseas pre wedding

Hong Kong based Daniel Tam has photographed beautiful couples all of the world, in some of the most romantic, but most touristy places on earth. Crowds don’t matter when you’re in the hands of someone with this much talent. Your images will be flawless.

Overseas pre wedding

Take a peek at this video which showcases some of Daniel Tam’s Budapest and Florence pre wedding and destination wedding photography. It shows what it really looks like, and what it looks like when he’s behind the lens.

Amazing right? It’s like the city was meant for these two! Be sure to check out more of Daniel Tam’s stunning work here.

Overseas pre wedding

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