5 elopement tips

These days we’re all in favor of having your wedding exactly the way you want, and if that means an elopement, then we vote do it! If you’re considering an elopement, or even wondering what the differences are between a destination wedding and an elopement then you’ve come to the right place. Here are 5 elopement tips to help you either decide on your own wedding elopement or plan one!

  1. What is an Elopement?

An elopement is basically a last-minute decision to get married or have a secret wedding. You can have an elopement anywhere – even right in your own living room! You only need a few witness present or in some cases none at all. Generally, an elopement is a much cheaper and faster way to get married, but it can be whatever you two want it to be!

Elopement TipsPhotograph by Ava Maria Photography, see the entire elopement here!

  1. How Do You Elope?

There are several ‘ways’ to have a successful and memorable elopement wedding. You can go to the city hall or courthouse, you can plan a small wedding with just the two of you and an officiant, you can even opt for a self-uniting marriage (aka: Quaker wedding license) and get married without any third-party present, you can plan a tiny surprise wedding, or you can elope to Las Vegas!

  1. Create an Elopement Checklist

You want your elopement to be successful so be sure to create an elopement checklist to make sure that you don’t forget anything important in the fun rush to get married. Your checklist should include necessary documents, appointments (like at the courthouse), and contact information for people involved in your elopement wedding (like your photographer!).

  1. Don’t Forget How Romantic An Elopement Can Be

An elopement is often the most romantic wedding because there are no external pressures, disagreements, family issues, or worries over things like catering, payments, seating charts, etc on your wedding day. You can truly focus on the reason you’re saying yes!

  1. Consider The Cons

Before you decide to elope you want to make sure that is exactly what you both want to do. Consider the fact that you won’t be able to celebrate your day with family and friends and it could really hurt some feelings (like your family’s) and make sure that you’re making the right decision.

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