the newlywed guide to the first dinner party

The busyness of your wedding day might be over, but now that the smoke has cleared it’s time to have some friends over for dinner at your place.

Between all the gifts and the shopping trips, you’re all set for your new life now, right? Then how come planning your first dinner party seems even more stressful than picking out the rings?

Here are a few tips to help ease your nerves when planning your dinner gathering as a newlywed couple.

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Weddings aren’t cheap and hosting a party soon afterward might seem like a financial strain.

Base your dinner recipes around ingredients you already have, or can easily use up if you need to buy them. Picking a theme for the dinner can also ease up on your wallet if you’re able to use the same ingredients in a few of the dishes.

You probably already have many of the items,  especially if you participated in registries or returned extras and replaced them with some missing objects.

You got everything you asked for…except that one thing. Thanks to companies like  Dean Supply, you can find everything you’re missing for the perfect party.

You don’t need to change your plans or drop a lot of money on a new piece of kitchenware. Things don’t have to be expensive to be classy, and that includes the food.

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Go with a recipe you already have mastered, or do a test run of the dish you plan on serving before the actual party. Your wedding had a rehearsal, practicing until everyone was confident in their roles, and you can approach your first dinner party with confidence if you’ve practiced beforehand.

There’s no need to make your dinner party an extravagant affair to rival your wedding. You don’t have to worry about inviting cousins you barely know and have no idea how to talk to. Keep your guest list small (ten maximum) and only invite people you know well. However, if all the guests don’t know each other it will be all right–they’ll be able to converse and get to know each other more.

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If your guests stay much later than you planned, you might dread the thought of cleaning everything up before you go to bed after a long day of party preparation. There are a few tips, though, that can help get you a clean kitchen in less time.

Thinking ahead to cleanup time while you’re prepping the dinner might seem unnecessary, but it’s so worth the effort. Doing the dishes as you go, and using only the dishes and kitchenware you absolutely need, are some easy steps you can take before the meal even goes on the table.

After the dinner is over, instead of leaving everything for the morning, do some light cleanup that will allow you to wake up to a manageable kitchen. If you used wine glasses, add a splash of water to the empty glasses so they won’t require extra scrubbing when you decide to wash them. Try sending leftovers home with your guests so that you’ll have less to put away–and they’ll have more to enjoy!

First dinner party as newlywedsPhotography by Maddie Richards Photography, see more here

And just like that, you’ve achieved another milestone in your married life. Once the last guest is out of the driveway and everything is put away, you’ll sleep well knowing that you pulled off your first newlywed dinner party in style.

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