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It’s time! Yes it’s engagement season and that special girl or guy in your life who has been there by your side and you can’t imagine living without, it’s time to ask them to marry you! The holidays are the perfect time of year to pop the questions. It’s such a festive season with friends and family why not add even more joy? Here are a few tips for you as you prepare to pop the question, from how to secretly find out your beau’s ring size to engagement ring shopping and picking the right style. Read on!

lab grown diamond engagement rings


This is actually pretty simple. Just ‘borrow’ one of the rings she already wears and you can use it as a guide. Slip it over your finger and mark with a pen where it falls. If she’s not already a ring wearer you might enlist a friend of hers to find out. If you’re really at a loss consider that the average woman’s ring size is a 6. If you have to guess, go a little larger since it’s easier to resize down than up!


You may not have paid too close attention to the jewelry she already wears, but now it’s time to really look! Finding the perfect style of engagement ring to pop the question with is pretty important. She’s going to be wearing it for the rest of her life! What color of metal does she usually go for is always a good place to start. Think about her overall style, is she more vintage or more modern? Vintage girls might like something emerald cut or pear-shaped while more modern girls may prefer a princess cut or something classically round. If she’s super fashionable you might take a look at what type of ring her favorite style celebrities are wearing.

If you’re still having trouble then it’s definitely a good idea to involve another woman that’s she really close with. Chances are, she’s already talked about it to her!

lab grown diamond engagement rings


We all know how unethically diamonds are mined. Girls these days have a conscious and they want to know that their most precious pieces, jewelry that they’ll treasure forever is environmentally friendly and didn’t cause any harm. Plus, lab created diamonds are just as beautiful and utterly flawless! The only thing that makes a lab-created diamond different from a mined one is its origin. Clean Origin diamonds are ‘grown’ inside a lab using cutting-edge technology that replicates the natural diamond growing process. The result is something that is chemically, physically, and optically the same as those grown beneath the Earth’s surface.

lab grown diamond engagement rings

Plus, there’s some good news for your wallet. Lab grown diamonds like the beauties are 20 % to 30% less expensive! (or this means that you can get her a diamond that’s 20% to 30% bigger! This doesn’t mean that the diamond ring you pick for her is cheap. It means the process involved with a lab grown diamond cuts out a lot of the middle men involved in mining, thus reducing the cost. It’s a win-win!

Take a look for yourself at Clean Origin, we promise there’s something there she’ll love or you can creative and design a ring for her!

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