celebrating: aisle society

I’m sure you’ve heard (who hasn’t!) but there’s a fabulous new website out there called Aisle Society that pulls together wedding content from more than 30 of the best wedding bloggers from around the world! These amazing women (and I’m lucky to count myself amongst them) have worked together for months to create this grand […]

introducing claudette: our new team member!

After an absolutely overwhelming amount of awe-inspiring applications to the job opening here at Burnett’s Boards, I couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome Claudette to the team! I’ll let her take it from here and introduce herself! *** “Hi everyone! I’m Claudette and I’m so excited to be sharing my story with you here. Lets start […]

5 tips: styling your images for social media

From Mandy Forlenza Sticos – “Styling for Social Media was a 2 hour mini workshop on at QNS Collective in Astoria, Queens New York. I enjoyed planning the workshop and gathering sponsors but most of all sharing my 15+ years of professional experience in marketing and creative direction and styling for events!” From Mandy Forlenza Sticos […]

burnett’s boards is hiring

After almost four years of blogging it is time to make a copy of the keys! I’m thrilled to announce that Burnett’s Boards is hiring. If you’re a design-minded wedding fan with some blogging experience then this could be the perfect position for you; an opportunity to gain a footing in the wedding industry, learn […]

wedding business magazine

Have you heard?! The inaugural issue of The Wedding & Event Institute’s Wedding Business Magazine is out! And guess who is on the cover? This girl! This magazine is free to download (go here to get your copy) and filled with articles on branding, marketing, SEO, careers, sales, weddings (of course) and interviews with pros […]

publishing: blogs v. print

The reasons why you should publish your work (anywhere) are numerous and well-known. After all, how else are brides supposed to find you and see all the gorgeous services that your company provides?! Oftentimes the question is: “do I publish on blogs or in print?” I love blogs and I love print – there are […]

aisle society debut sponsored by minted

As many of you know I am a member of the oh so fabulous Aisle Society – a truly collaborative group of wedding blogs & bloggers with a gorgeous website launching soon. This past October during bridal market we threw ourselves a little coming out party (sponsored by Minted) in NYC and Jessica Haley Photography was […]

how to create a branded shoot for your business

< Launching a new website? Just starting out with your business? Rebranding your look? Need a little business boost? All of these are fabulous reasons to create and execute a branded shoot. You can use the imagery for promotional materials, send them to media outlets to promote your services, use them on social media for […]

burnett’s boards turns 3 (today!)

In three years of blogging here on Burnett’s Boards, the truest blessing has been the friendships I’ve made with many of the vendors I’ve featured here. When I mentioned to Carrie King Photographer and Cheryl of Sunflower Creative, two wedding pros you’ve seen featured countless times, that the 3-year blogiversary of Burnett’s Boards was coming up they […]

what should go in your blogging media kit

It’s a new year and a new year means it’s time to dust-off and update your media kit! I’ve gone through several media kits here on Burnett’s Boards – trying each time to reflect not only the growth in the blog’s numbers, but also the evolving features and wedding inspiration represented here. The amazing Candace […]

sweet instagram tips

Partnered Post When I started blogging I went from 0 to 100 in terms of social media within a week. Prior to that I was only using Facebook. Now I’m on pretty much all of them – as bloggers should be! The last platform for me to hop on was Instagram, but it has rapidly turned […]

how to organically grow your blog

Lately I’ve had a few bloggers and wedding vendors ask me: how did Burnett’s Boards grow so much so fast? It’s a really strange and hard question for me to answer because in my eyes and in my mind it’s still small and it certainly didn’t grow fast. Since this week marks Burnett’s Boards 2nd […]

6 secrets to successfully working from home

In a couple of months it will have been two years since I started this blog and a year since I started working on it full-time from home. Going from having thirty hyperactive bodies in a room as a teacher to just me at home alone all day was quite an adjustment, but I’ve learned […]

blogging resolutions

This time of year always brings about reflection and goal setting. While I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions, I have been thinking a lot about blogging resolutions for the new year, and figured that if I published them here I’d be more likely to hold myself accountable. 1. Quit publishing on Saturdays. I […]

blogging photography features: why less is more

I recently changed my work description on my personal Facebook page from ‘#1 Boss Lady at Burnett’s Boards’ to ‘Owner and Editor of Burnett’s Boards’ and I didn’t do it lightly. It took me a long time (something like over 300 posts) to feel like I could legitimately bestow the title of editor upon myself. […]

how to share your blog post on social media

Pin realize image isn’t optimized for Pinterest delete pin add text to image pin. Share image on Facebook realize Facebook won’t allow images with too much text delete image un-optimize image share un-optimized image image too large for Facebook news feed google ‘best Facebook news feed image size’ resize image share forget to link vendors […]