pink, aqua, and yellow

This fresh and fun pink, yellow, and aqua wedding inspiration board is perfect for a sunny summer wedding! Aqua is such a great statement color but because it’s so bold, it is best to use it tastefully and in just the right places. I love the idea of wearing aqua shoes for your something blue […]

zodiac wedding: virgo

The zodiac wedding inspiration series continues today with a little sapphire and neutral board for Virgo brides! If you were born between August 23rd and September 22nd, then this one is for you: Virgo brides are creative and sensitive souls and when they shine – they are blindingly brilliant. Because of their sensitivity, Virgos are […]

shabby chic teal and berry

Shabby chic weddings are defined by their cute ‘wear and tear’ touches and often have a soft, pastel color palette. For a shabby chic teal wedding berry hues are the perfect color compliment! Items that are called ‘shabby chic’ are often painted over again and again throughout the years and when the paint peels off […]

intimate outdoor luxury (reader request)

I know it has been a while since I’ve published a reader request – but this one is too gorgeous not to share! This wedding inspiration board was created for ¬†Christian who is having an intimate wedding this October in Annapolis, Maryland. Christian wrote and said: “Help! I am overwhelmed trying to nail down my […]

zodiac wedding: pisces

The zodiac wedding series today continues with an ocean themed wedding inspiration board for our Pisces brides! If you were born between February 19th and March 20th then this one is just for you. Pisces brides tend to lean towards mysticism and spirituality – they are definitely deep ladies. They’re super sensitive (the most sensitive […]

nautical red, white, and blue

To all of my American readers – Happy Fourth of July! If you’re looking to have a red, white, and blue colored wedding a great way to pull it off stylishly is with a nautical theme. This inspiration board is a pretty classic take on a nautical themed wedding and it has an East Coast […]

zodiac wedding: scorpio

This blue and red beach wedding inspiration board is the next up in our zodiac series! If you’re a Scorpio bride (October 23rd – November 21st) this one is especially for you. Scorpio is a water sign so a beach wedding would be a perfect fit. Scorpios are considered the most powerful of the zodiac […]

zodiac wedding: aquarius

This gorgeous blue wedding inspiration board is next up in our zodiac series! Aquarian brides (January 20th – February 18th) – this one is for you: A watery blue wedding is the perfect color palette for our ‘water bearer’ brides. Aquarians are mind-oriented, highly intelligent individuals who like to march to the beat of their […]

dusty blue and yellow

This dusty blue and pale yellow wedding inspiration board is a stylish twist on a rustic wedding. The feather details on the invitation suite and gown are gorgeous touches and the exposed wood table and thistle boutonniere¬†add that rustic edge. Mixing hard and soft is an elegant and chic way to style your wedding! Details […]

modern vintage loft wedding (reader request)

This modern vintage loft wedding inspiration board was requested by Amanda for her winter wedding in Kansas City, Missouri. Amanda is getting married at The Bride and The Bauer (picture detail of the interior of her venue is in the top left corner) and requested something in orange, teal, navy, pink, gold, and ivory in […]

peach and teal

This peach and teal wedding inspiration board is a match made in heaven. It has a slight vintage vibe because of the antique gold touches and vintage books so it would look amazing for an early fall wedding. Along with your peach and teal palette add crisp clean whites and hints of blush to pull […]

coral and blue (reader request)

This rustic chic coral and blue wedding inspiration board was requested by Jordan (who also happens to be a former student of mine!) for her cousin Katherine who is getting married to Eric this summer. Their reception is at the beautiful and quaint Drexel Hall Ballroom in Kansas City, Missouri which has lovely white washed […]

turquoise, peach, and yellow

I can’t believe that this invitation + wedding inspiration¬†series is drawing to a close today! It all started when I chose four bouquets and sent them to Behold Designz so that they could use them to create custom wedding invitations just for us. It was always such a joyful day when Lily sent me the […]

sea glass (reader request)

This sea glass wedding inspiration board was created for Kawehi and Michael who are getting married here in Hawaii. These two love birds are tying the knot in gorgeous Hana on Maui where they will have a beach ceremony and their reception will be held in a traditional thatched Hawaiian hale. Kawehi wrote and said […]

blue & brown farm wedding (reader request)

This blue and brown farm wedding inspiration board was created for Kate and Trevor who are getting married next April on Kate’s family farm in Iowa! Kate wrote and said: “We are having a spring wedding at the farm’s A-frame where both the ceremony and the reception will be held. Brown, blue, and ivory are […]

tardis blue (reader request)

Aurie wrote and asked for a vintage styled tardis blue wedding with just a hint of Dr. Who and lots of textures. Normally when I think of vintage styling for a wedding I don’t immediately associate it with Dr. Who which has a total science fiction vibe, but I LOVED this challenge. Along with the […]