a david’s bridal bridesmaids shower

Bridal showers are a tried and true tradition – but why don’t we spin things on their heads a bit and celebrate all the lovely ladies who have been at your side and cheering your relationship along? Plus, any excuse for a party, right? We love the idea of a shower just for your bridesmaids, […]

a timeless wedding gift

You’ll never forget the day you were married. Having an everyday keepsake that reminds you of that day and the intimacy you share with your loved one is one of the most romantic things we can think of. This elopement editorial shoot shows just that, as we watch a young couple share their most important […]

the newlywed guide to the first dinner party

The busyness of your wedding day might be over, but now that the smoke has cleared it’s time to have some friends over for dinner at your place. Between all the gifts and the shopping trips, you’re all set for your new life now, right? Then how come planning your first dinner party seems even […]

kate spade inspired bridal shower

Her creations filled many of us with joy and provided inspiration the world over and we believe that Kate Spade, her voice, the brand that she launched, and her legacy will continue to inspire magic in the future just as it did for this Kate Spade-themed bridal shower shot by Sunshower Photography at historic Duke […]

how to get married in bali

Dreaming of getting married in Bali? We are too, especially having just come back from there! After all it’s called the island of love and the island of gods for a good reason. This place couldn’t be a more beautiful (and affordable!) to tie the knot in. So – how do you make sure that […]

how to start planning your wedding

Whether big or small, planning your wedding is quite an undertaking, but a joyous one! It can seem overwhelming at first, but by breaking it up into tasks it’s not quite so daunting. We’re written down a few tips to help you get started in your wedding planning process. PLAN YOUR BUDGET Most brides and […]

how to create a memorable proposal

Your proposal story is one that you’ll be telling time and time again, long after your wedding day. A marriage proposal is so much more than getting down on one knee! Tammy’s Table is here today to show and tell us all how to create a memorable proposal along with inspirational images from Fulleylove Photography. […]

how to write your wedding vows

Many couples decide to write their own wedding vows for their big day and this is something that we’re totally behind. Here are some tips on how to write your own wedding vows, perfectly! TALK ABOUT IT FIRST When you and your fiancé decide to write your own wedding vows it’s important that you both […]

hottest wedding trends of 2018

Guest post by Kylie Carlson, International Academy of Wedding and Event Planning The New Year is here and planning a wedding just got even more exciting! The release of the fourth annual International Wedding Trends Report complete with predictions from dozens of the world’s most recognized wedding professionals is causing waves of anticipation especially among […]

girls just wanna have fun: bridal party inspiration

From planner Rock My Love – “As we are fortunate enough to work with a diverse range of nationalities and brides who are not just as beautiful as each other but also quite different from each other, we wanted to be able to showcase an array of make-up and hairstyles to match and enhance their […]

color palette: coral, peach, + pink

With a beautifully warm color palette today’s editorial from Olga Osehova showcases what magic can be made when coral, peach, and pink are combined! With a touch of vintage brass, marbleized details, and muted gold flatware this wedding color palette is gorgeously feminine while still being utterly chic. *** Photography: Olga Osehova // Workshop: Alexandra […]

summer to fall tablescape inspiration

The transition from summer to fall is a special time of year, when the days are still warm but the nights begin to cool. Summer’s memories are still sweet but the anticipation for autumnal festivities has begun to set in. This transitional mood is encapsulated in the three different tablescapes you see below. They’re the […]

getting married in vegas

Las Vegas is the party capital of the world. From the incredible casinos to the world-class music entertainment and nightlife, going to Vegas and not having fun is nigh on impossible. With so much to see and do and fun at every turn, it’s no surprise that may people choose to spend the happiest day […]

planning a same-sex wedding: is it time to break tradition?

Let’s face it, same-sex couples’ broke tradition when they were finally allowed to marry their partner. It was a landmark victory for gay men and women, and one they should never have had to fight for in the first place. While many couples may love the idea of carrying on with wedding traditions; has the […]

how to throw a mid-century welcome party

From the photographer, Melissa Desjardins – Why a Welcome Party: By hosting a welcome party for guests who are coming from out-of-town, or who don’t necessarily know each other, you are creating a more intimate and meaningful experience for them. When they meet again at the wedding everyone will have a much more enjoyable time! […]

llamacorn bridal shower

Looking for a unique and out of the box theme to host an unforgettable bridal shower? Well, you’re in luck, because Taylor and Hov Events and Design basically just handed you one on a rainbow-colored platter. They partnered with some seriously talented professionals in the Washington, DC events industry and hosted a playful Llamacorn themed bridal shower brunch […]