style your wedding like marie antoinette

Bon­jour, I’m Monique from French Wed­ding Style blog, which is dedicated to French styled weddings. For one day only Sara and I have traded blogs, as I bring to you some ideas and tips for styling your wedding in a French style and Sara is over on my blog sharing a fabulous French styled inspiration board. […]

are your color choices sending the right message?

Remember all those Cosmopolitan magazine quizzes we used to take with titles like Do You Know When A Guy Likes You? and Are You Enough of a Bad Girl? Well – I’ve got a little quiz like that right here  – except it’s better! I’ve been taking a course from The Wedding and Event Institute […]

who to follow on pinterest

When seeking inspiration and ideas for your wedding a fabulous place to go, and one that I’m sure we are all super familiar with already, is Pinterest. A couple of weeks ago a really great question came up in the comments on the social media tips and no nos post that said: “One thing I’ve been […]

bridal bouquet styles

Choosing the right type of bridal bouquet to match the style of your wedding is pretty important because after all – everyone’s eyes are on you! There are loads of bouquet styles to choose from and each of them will lend a particular air… a certain look to your wedding day. The lovely Sarah Park […]

storyboard your wedding

I’ve just finished up a wonderful unit in my course from The Wedding and Event Institute on storyboarding and how to storyboard your wedding, and I’ve got to say, this was invaluable to me! Inspiration boards are one thing, but to actually break down your concept and go a little more in-depth into it was something […]

wedding branding boards

I’m so pleased to welcome back Nikkol of Peter Loves Jane! A couple of weeks ago Nikkol wrote a fabulous post for us about how to brand your wedding that included a call for branding board requests. Well – you ladies did just that and sent her a bunch of fabulous requests! From Nikkol: Today is […]

how to create color palettes

You know the feeling when someone asks you how to ride a bike and wants you to explain it? Or how to write? It is something you inherently know how to do… something you can do without thinking. But when you try to explain it to someone else it seems impossible to put into words. […]

finding inspiration

Creative ruts happen. They’re annoying and they need to be banished. We all know that to find inspiration the best thing to do is to get out of your office and off of Pinterest, go outside and do something. The first unit of WEI’s Wedding Planning, Styling, and Design course that I’m taking has a […]

branding a wedding

About a month ago I wrote a post on how to brand your wedding and it included several gorgeous invitations and branding boards from BB Vendor Peter Loves Jane. To make a long story short, we’ve been buddies ever since! I asked Nikkol if she would mind writing a more in-depth article for us from her […]

why inspiration boards are awesome

So I’ve been writing this event design and styling column for a few weeks now and it suddenly occurred to me that I should write about inspiration boards (where was I on that? Seriously, it should have been the first post I wrote!). As you might have read last week, I put together some course material all about wedding […]

a creative partnership

I’ve got quite the exciting announcement to make today! I’ve been bursting at the seams to share with you the fact that a. I’ll be teaching a bit again (yep- I’m a former teacher turned wedding blogger) and b. I’m going back to school! But don’t worry – this blog isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s going […]

how to style a vintage chic wedding

How to style a vintage chic wedding is something that I get asked about a lot so I called in the big guns: Akiko & Jenn of Soiree Events. These two ladies actually specialize in vintage chic wedding styling and they are going to share some of their secrets with you – enjoy! “We love all […]

film vs. digital wedding photography

Choosing between digital and film for your wedding photography is an important choice. Your wedding photos are the one aspect (aside from your marriage!) that you want to last forever and they should reflect your aesthetic and style. Even though this doesn’t exactly fit this event design and styling category here on Burnett’s Boards– it’s […]

how to brand your wedding

I’m really excited to announce a whole new category here on Burnett’s Boards – Design & Styling! This feature will run every Wednesday and cover an array of topics geared towards helping you make your wedding as amazing as it can be. For our first post in this series we’re taking a look at how […]

wedding candy bar ideas

I was so thrilled when I found this gorgeous candy bar wedding inspiration shoot from New Zealand confectionary guru Fab Meringues (photographed by Kate Gerwal) in my inbox. It literally made my mouth water. And those flowers – oh my gosh – aren’t the colors amazing? Sue of Floral Stylist provided the perfect blooms for […]