rentivist: borrowed décor at your fingertips

Stunning, chic, modern, elegant, eclectic… no matter what sort of décor you’re seeking for your wedding, engagement party, editorial shoot, rehearsal dinner, get together – you don’t have to spray paint cheap plastic vases gold anymore and you don’t have to shell out a lot of money for décor items you’ll only ever you once. […]

luxury texas hill country wedding venue – opening now!

If you missed our April blog post about Garden Grove in Austin, Texas you missed a gorgeous venue; but no worries I have another for you today plus some exciting news! This Sunday, June 26th they are officially opening their doors for the first time to the public. From 1-5pm you can see Austin’s newest wedding venue & find […]

hidden costs of wedding planning

Aside from the obvious items you have down on your wedding budget, like venue, photographer, stationery, flowers etc, there is another list. The ‘secret’ list. The list that might tip you over the edge. The list no one tells you about and you don’t think about until it’s happening to you. It’s called, on my […]

stylish wedding pros’ party in downtown san diego

From Cavin Elizabeth Photography – “I’ve always valued the art of building relationships in the wedding world. When I moved from DC to San Diego, forming new relationships with fellow wedding vendors was a huge priority. Working with talented, creative, and happy professionals makes the work you do incredibly enjoyable, especially when your work also […]

1 wedding ceremony venue 3 ways

When you say I do – it’s going to be a moment that is all about you two and the décor and styling of your wedding ceremony should reflect your sentiments and vibe as a couple. Whether you and your beau are modern, romantic, fun, or all of the above, there’s a backdrop design to […]

bridesmaid box

Claudette here! With almost 3 months to go until we say “I do”, and us almost being in the peak of wedding party season, I thought I would share how I asked my special friends to be my bridesmaids. It’s true when they say as you get older you create a smaller, more curated group […]

DIY: flower petal paper

If you didn’t catch yesterday’s nostalgic and romantic ‘love letters from WWI’ editorial shoot by Claire Marika Photography – you should (see it here) because remember the gorgeous flower petal paper that all those love letters were written on? Today I have the DIY instructions from Valen Hunter of Flower Afternoon & Remnant Paper so that you […]

garden style wedding tablescape

Stacy from Set Free Photography sent us this shoot, and can I tell you how great it is?! I love it when designers are creative. I had never seen a floral wreath around a menu and I think its a great idea! It totally adds another dimension to the stationery and it could be multi […]

wedding planning | where did I start pt2

A destination wedding has its ups and downs but it sure helped that our friends and family were on the other side and able to help us out when needed. My parents gave us the ok on our venue and we paid our deposit before even seeing it in person! I wouldn’t recommend this but […]

wedding planning | where did I start pt1

Other than moving across the world, I don’t think I have ever been more overwhelmed than when I began planning my own wedding, and that’s a big thing as its also my job, but it is a little different when its your own special day. We got engaged back in October 2014 and are getting married […]

how to have an eco friendly wedding

People are becoming more and more conscious of the effect their actions have on the environment and Bride and Grooms are no exception. Couples are finding ways to make their wedding eco-friendly and ethical and in some cases even giving back to the community. Marcie from Celia Grace creates ethically made wedding dresses and has […]

a must-see austin hill country wedding venue

When you’re visiting your parents in Houston and Cari from Pink Parasol Designs & Coordinating invites you a wedding planner brunch to celebrate the opening of a fabulous new Austin (like a 3 hr drive away from Houston) wedding venue called Garden Grove, YOU GO! Why? Because Austin literally has the best wedding venues (especially […]

rustic coastal styled shoot

From Leander: “Our initial inspiration for Alluring Seasmoke came from an idea from El Braley of El’s Cards for an ombre invitation suite she wanted to create. From there the design of our shoot fell beautifully into place. I wanted to keep with a seaside feel and a grayish purple color palette, but at the same […]

2016 wedding trend | calligraphy

For me 2016 has seen some of my favourite wedding trends make it into the main stream. Copper and rose gold is making a big statement, as well as elopements and my all-time favourite, calligraphy. There is something to be said with etiquette and tradition and i love the skill and dedication calligraphers have to […]

(global) wedding inspiration

As a life-long traveller I’ve always been fascinating by the world. Not just my corner, but all of it. Every nook and cranny. So it’s with great pride that I lately realized that Burnett’s Boards, over the course of the last (almost) four years, has become a truly international source of wedding inspiration! Nepal, shot […]

cakes of instagram

When I’m cruising through my Instagram feed there’s one thing that always gets me and that’s a good cake account. There are definitely a few favorites I always go back to time and time again whenever I need that sugar rush! Craving a touch more sugary sweet in your life? We all do, and that’s why I’m […]