washi tape wedding

My first experience with washi tape was back when I did this Christmas card craft for the tragically uncrafty, and I love the stuff! A washi tape wedding is a playful way to use soft colors and get crafty. We all know I’m not the DIY kind of ‘gal so I did what all of […]


If there is one thing (aside from rainbows) that we get a lot of out here in Hawaii it’s beautiful, jaw-dropping sunsets. The colors of a recent sunset that I watched off of my lanai the other evening (and sadly failed to photograph) inspired this wedding inspiration board. The warm pinks, peaches, and soft yellows […]

vintage book themed wedding

Vintage book themed weddings are lovely – but they’re normally done in neutral and brown tones. Why not girlie it up a bit with pastels like in this wedding inspiration board? Pastel colors add an undeniably feminine and romantic vibe to your wedding and would be absolutely perfect for spring. Incorporating vintage books into your […]

princess peach

Do I have any Mario Kart fans out there? Or perhaps anyone who remembers playing Super Mario Brothers video games? Well I certainly did! And when playing Mario Kart I always insisted on being Princess Peach because a. I think she’s the only girl character on there and b. she’s pretty. Well, I thought I’d […]

jack daniel’s

I’m in love with the picture of the bridesmaid with the bottle of Jack Daniel’s in this wedding inspiration board. It’s so unexpected! Staging a fun photograph of you and your bridesmaids is a must because later you can give a framed print of it as a gift and it will keep you and your […]

the dreamer

I am in love with this inspiration shoot by Kelly Rucker. It’s so peaceful, dreamy, and the pastel colors are perfection. The vintage details are sweet and the wooded forest location in Texas along with the iron bed bring enchantment to this whimsical shoot. The details are all so wonderful that I’m sure you’ll have […]

southern comfort (real wedding)

Don’t you just love Kaylah and Harrison’s southern Virginia style? This bride certainly knows how to rock a pair of cowboy boots! Kaylah and Harrison met in a dentist office…well, Kaylah’s the dentist and Harrison was in for a cleaning, and it was love at first smile. Kaylah and her mother created created a lot […]


Proteas have to be my favorite flower right now – I absolutely love the structure of them! So modern and mildly weird 😉 Proteas are native to South Africa and have been growing in popularity (some say that proteas are the new succulent) so you can find them pretty much anywhere now. Incorporate them into […]

all buttoned up (real wedding)

A couple of months ago when I published a button themed inspiration board Casey Fatchett tweeted that he had just shot a REAL button themed wedding! I couldn’t believe my luck when he submitted James and Summer’s gorgeous DIY wedding. All of the details at this wedding are thoughtful, creative, and completely outstanding. Summer and […]

curbside gourmet

Food trucks are all the rage and many big cities have fleets of gourmet food trucks to choose from. Opting for a food truck reception is a fun and modern way to have a more intimate wedding reception at the location of your choosing. This way, you aren’t tied to an indoor dining hall, and […]

vintage pastels

Mismatched bridesmaids dresses are a very popular trend right now, and an easy way to get this look without all of your girls appearing too differently is with pastels. Have each of your bridesmaids wear a different pastel color and you’ll put it off! (via) (via) (via) This picture makes me laugh every time I […]

tender shoots

This wedding inspiration board was inspired by Pantone’s tender shoots, one of the hot new color predictions for spring of 2013. But, it also combines a few more from Pantone’s color report: dusk blue, linen, nectarine, and lemon zest. I adore this fresh color palette – it’s so perfect for a spring wedding! Tender shoots […]

judy jetson

I can’t say that I was ever a Jetsons fan, but I do love the retro futurism vibe of the show. Don’t be afraid to go all out ‘quirky’ on your wedding day – if you and your groom love a good themed party and grew up watching The Jetsons, have a Jetsons themed wedding! […]

antlers and arrows

Animal heads and antlers are a growing trend in the wedding world and I love it! But, if using real antlers and such makes you a little squeemish (example here and here), then make sure you check out the faux animal heads from White Faux Taxidermy ☜ seriously. I’m obsessed. images via White Faux Taxidermy’s […]

sea foam, coral, and yellow

Ever notice a detail in a wedding and think ‘omg! I want to do that!’ and then you set it aside because you’ve never done anything like that before and it just doesn’t compute? Well, I’m here to urge you to look a little closer at the details you’re crushing on – there is always […]

the girl next door

There is something so romantic and ‘hollywood movieish’ about falling in love with the girl next door, growing up, asking her to marry you, and having an intimate lakeside cottage wedding. There must be a movie about that somewhere, I just can’t think of it. Intimate, home style weddings lend themselves perfectly to unique floral […]