top 100 wedding blogs 2013

Every Year Bride Tide puts together a list of the top 100 wedding bloggers and this year I’d be ridiculously honored to run with that pack of amazing blogs. But I need your help! If you’ve been enjoying your daily dose of wedding inspiration; if you love BB’s Facebook status updates; if you tweet with me; if […]

new logo!

You may remember from a month or so ago that I went to The Blogcademy and one of the things that I took away from it was the importance of allowing your blog to grow, and of course, allowing your personality to shine through because people tend to follow bloggers, not blogs. That all got […]

are Native American themed weddings wrong?

I thought we’d take a break today from your regularly scheduled inspiration board programming to discuss something that has come to my attention lately… the Native American themed wedding trend. With Thanksgiving coming up this week I couldn’t help but think of this cultural appropriation. No Doubt pulled their ‘Looking Hot’ video after accusations of racism […]

exciting changes

If you feel like there have been a few changes around Burnett’s Boards lately, you’d be right (and there are more to come!). One big one starting today is that I’m now offering sidebar advertising. Shock and horror! Yes, remember that personal post I wrote a while ago where I said: “My goal: to bring […]

special report: the blogcademy

This past weekend I was ‘schooled’ at The Blogcademy in NYC! Attending The Blogcademy was a last minute decision for me – I already had tickets booked to be on the mainland for my college’s centennial celebration and thought – why not zip up to NYC for the weekend to see what it’s all about? […]

postcards from fiji

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for stopping by the blog while I was on vacation – your support, comments, re-tweets, and Facebook likes mean the world to me and keep me going – mahalo! And for those of you who have asked how Fiji was… it was FABULOUS! We started our trip […]

a response and a conception story (rated: PG)

As a new blogger I look to other blogs for advice and inspiration. I’m not ashamed of that and when doing something new, don’t you look towards the pros? I mean, hey, a girl can dream. One blog I read avidly is Rock N Roll Bride. If you haven’t heard of it a. come out […]

postcards from cuba

I’ve had many requests from friends, family, and twitter to do a post about my trip to Cuba – so here it is! WE LOVED IT. Definitely going back. First off, why did my husband and I decide to go to Cuba? For many reasons – our previously planned honeymoon had to be cancelled for […]