light yellow and kitten themed wedding

This light yellow, kitten themed inspiration board was created for Storyboard Weddings. Jessica, the blogerina behind Storyboard Weddings thinks it's hilarious (or crazy) that I walk my kitten on a leash (no joke), so when she asked for an inspiration board I couldn't help but create a kitten themed wedding. You can view the original post with all the picture credits here (because you know you want to buy those cat face rings!) … [Continue reading]

texas wedding

rustic texas wedding

This week (because I'm out of the country) I thought we'd visit some of the wedding inspiration boards that I've made for other lovely blogs! This Texas wedding was created for Woodlands Bride, and you can see the full photo credits by going here. This talented gal and I dreamed up a little Hawaii to Texas connection, so I created the inspiration boards and she made beautiful printables to go along with them. You can see the original post here. … [Continue reading]

sunday edition

Retro vintage beach

I am off to Fiji today so I thought I'd do something a little bit different for this week's Sunday Edition: a list of things I'm looking forward to during my vacation! (by the way, I've worked my bottom off creating and scheduling new inspiration boards for you, so be sure to stop by, gawk and coo over the new inspiration boards, and leave some love while I'm gone!) What I'm looking forward to doing in Fiji: 1. Spending some quality 'fun in the sun' time with my … [Continue reading]

judy jetson

aqua and pink jetsons themed wedding

I can't say that I was ever a Jetsons fan, but I do love the retro futurism vibe of the show. Don't be afraid to go all out 'quirky' on your wedding day - if you and your groom love a good themed party and grew up watching The Jetsons, have a Jetsons themed wedding! Use lots of cartoonish aqua and pink details, robots on your save the dates and wedding invitations, and a sex kitten sixties look for your bridal attire. love the color scheme in this inspiraiton … [Continue reading]

heart shaped sunglasses

heart shaped sunglasses wedding

Heart shaped sunglasses add a fun retro vibe to your wedding photographs and who can help but smile when you see someone in a pair of them?! You and your groom will literally have 'love in your eyes.' I've rounded up some of my favorite shots of hearts shaped sunglasses in weddings - enjoy! via via via via via via via (real men wear heart shaped sunglasses!) via via Love the red retro vibe of this inspiration board? Then you'll adore: … [Continue reading]

antlers and arrows

antlers and arrows wedding

Animal heads and antlers are a growing trend in the wedding world and I love it! But, if using real antlers and such makes you a little squeemish (example here and here), then make sure you check out the faux animal heads from White Faux Taxidermy ☜ seriously. I'm obsessed. images via White Faux Taxidermy's Etsy shop. Aren't these works of art amazing? And after you use these resin creations at your quirky and fun wedding, you can mount them on your wall! photo … [Continue reading]

silver lining

silver wedding inspiration board

As winter approaches, consider an all silver wedding. It is timelessly classic and glamorous and with silver, go bold or go home. Splash silver all over everything from your dress to your wedding cake and even your four legged ring bearer! With that in mind, I've rounded up some extra silver details to love: glittering silver bridal shoes... silver goblets and vases for centerpieces...   silver foil on your wedding invitations... sequin table … [Continue reading]

lavender and mint

lavender and mint wedding

Lavender and mint is a fresh, fun, and perfect for spring color combination for your wedding. Use lavender colors and flowers on your paper products with these lovely items from Wedding Girl: bridal shower invitations... pop the question to your bridesmaids with an adorable cupcake topper on a sweet treat... label your desserts in style with lavender tags... photo credits: vintage bottles, invitations, pale green dress < available on Etsy, Laduree … [Continue reading]

maine lobsters

If you're on the east coast and planning a late summer or fall wedding you can't go wrong with a Maine lobster and nautical themed wedding. Aside from all the details in the Maine lobster inspiration board, you'll also want to think about incorporating some of the following ideas into your wedding: short, lacy dress... unique paddle guest book... nautical boutonniere... include a lobster bib with your menu... use a boat as a 'getaway car'... navy … [Continue reading]

sunday edition

Sunday Edition - Burnett's Boards

How has everyone's week been? Mine started off great with a birthday dinner for my husband at one of our favorite beachside restaurants down in Waikiki, I got to get together for lunch with some of my lovely friends, and my week ended with a great dinner party at the lovely Morgan's apartment overlooking Honolulu... an A+ week if I do say so myself. There was loads of lovely all over the internet this week and am excited to share it with you! 1. Oscar de la … [Continue reading]

sea foam, coral, and yellow

seafoam coral and yellow wedding inspiration board

Ever notice a detail in a wedding and think 'omg! I want to do that!' and then you set it aside because you've never done anything like that before and it just doesn't compute? Well, I'm here to urge you to look a little closer at the details you're crushing on - there is always a way to do something! For example (and this is a pretty easy one, I know, but this is about as DIY as I'm ever going to get so enjoy it), one of the best pictures in this pastel … [Continue reading]

night sky

Black wedding inspiration board

Holy smokes who turned out the lights!? This black wedding is pretty glamorous, don't you think? Black and white weddings are timeless, classic, and always 'in,' but I thought, what if we dropped a lot of the white and added more black? And presto: a stunningly bold, modern, and super sophisticated wedding palette. Adore this bold look? You'll also love: haute couture photo credits: Ralph Lauren A/W 2012 black dress, wine bottles, earrings, black shoes, cake, … [Continue reading]

bird of paradise

Green and Orange wedding inspiration board

If you follow Burnett's Boards on twitter then you've probably seen many tweets that involve the words 'aloha' and 'y'all' in the same 140 characters. That's not a coincidence. I am a Texas girl living in Hawaii! I fly to Houston a couple times a year to visit my parents and I always fly into IAH in the Woodlands, and weirdly enough on the same day that I was booking my most recent trip back to the mainland I found a beautiful blog called Woodlands Bride. Jennifer … [Continue reading]

a response to The Knotty Bride re: Kate Middleton’s boobs

Roald Dahl quote

Well, it would appear that replying to other bloggers via my own blog is becoming something of a habit of mine... Most (if not all) of you probably know the blog The Knotty Bride and are familiar with not only the gorgeous wedding inspiration on that site, but also Alison,  (and her adorable sidekick Bambino). Now, I usually read her writing with a grin on my face and a chuckle on my lips because it's always quite good, but today she wrote something that made me … [Continue reading]

covered in diamonds

peach wedding inspiration board

You've heard the phrase 'the love is in the details,' and that couldn't be more true than with étoile nail polish. This amazing line of polishes has genuine diamond dust in it that compliments the sparkle in your ring perfectly. I've whipped up three wedding inspiraiton boards to match étoile's three hues - aren't they lovely colors? And étoile is the best kind of luxury - affordable luxury! The first is Navette. The warm peachy pink color has a vintage and … [Continue reading]

the girl next door

intimate vintage wedding

There is something so romantic and 'hollywood movieish' about falling in love with the girl next door, growing up, asking her to marry you, and having an intimate lakeside cottage wedding. There must be a movie about that somewhere, I just can't think of it. Intimate, home style weddings lend themselves perfectly to unique floral details and accessories, and here are a few of the best ideas out there: mismatched floral bridesmaids dresses... a flower headband is … [Continue reading]