a response to The Knotty Bride re: Kate Middleton’s boobs

Roald Dahl quote

Well, it would appear that replying to other bloggers via my own blog is becoming something of a habit of mine... Most (if not all) of you probably know the blog The Knotty Bride and are familiar with not only the gorgeous wedding inspiration on that site, but also Alison,  (and her adorable sidekick Bambino). Now, I usually read her writing with a grin on my face and a chuckle on my lips because it's always quite good, but today she wrote something that made me … [Continue reading]

covered in diamonds

peach wedding inspiration board

You've heard the phrase 'the love is in the details,' and that couldn't be more true than with étoile nail polish. This amazing line of polishes has genuine diamond dust in it that compliments the sparkle in your ring perfectly. I've whipped up three wedding inspiraiton boards to match étoile's three hues - aren't they lovely colors? And étoile is the best kind of luxury - affordable luxury! The first is Navette. The warm peachy pink color has a vintage and … [Continue reading]

the girl next door

intimate vintage wedding

There is something so romantic and 'hollywood movieish' about falling in love with the girl next door, growing up, asking her to marry you, and having an intimate lakeside cottage wedding. There must be a movie about that somewhere, I just can't think of it. Intimate, home style weddings lend themselves perfectly to unique floral details and accessories, and here are a few of the best ideas out there: mismatched floral bridesmaids dresses... a flower headband is … [Continue reading]

paper made

navy blue and pink wedding

Paper elements are always a fun touch at weddings and one of my favorite paper details in this navy blue and pink wedding inspiration board is the paper bridal bouquet! It's definitely one that will last for years to come. For all the paper lovers out there, I'd like to introduce you to OliveBox: OliveBox is a monthly subscription box (that is launching TODAY!) for those who adore cute paper products. Every month, OliveBox members will receive a delightful box … [Continue reading]

sunday edition

Burnett's Boards Sunday Edition

How was everyone's week? I've got to admit, mine has been stressful. I'm leaving town for almost a full month and so I've been feeling the pressure to create and schedule posts for while I'm gone, and believe me, it takes a whole lot more time than most people imagine! That and my darling kitten insists on chewing my hair at night and waking me up at 5 am for his morning bowl of tuna, so let's just say I don't think I'm firing on all cylinders lately. But I really … [Continue reading]

where the wild things are

where the wild things are enchanted forest wedding

It got pretty pink and girly around here yesterday with think pink so I thought we'd rough it up a bit with a Where the Wild Things Are wedding! This classic picture book by Maurice Sendak isn't the first thing that comes to mind when one starts looking for wedding inspiration, but it would make for an enchanting, fun, and totally unique affair. Love this wild forest wedding? Think about adding some of these touches to your big day: send your invitations in these … [Continue reading]

think pink

pink wedding inspiration board

Always feminine and always lovely, you really can't go wrong with a pink palette for your wedding. Color coordinate your bridesmaids gifts by giving them a pink hued thank you! pink bridesmaids gifts from left to right: 1. Kate Spade 'all the girls are crazy' bangle 2. étoile princess nail polish 3. teacup charm necklace 4. bridesmaid tote 5. mini cupcake soaps 6. organza flower pin 7. set of thank you cards 8. vintage typewriter makeup pouch 9. pink cupcake … [Continue reading]

plum and pumpkin

orange and purple wedding inspiration board

One of my favorite details in this orange and purple inspiration board are the custom dyed shoes. To get a truly unique color combination for your wedding shoes, sometimes you just have to dye them. Look for shoes made out of white satin and find a professional in your area to dye them for you. Don't be afraid to think outside the box! Incorporate two or three colors into your shoes to really make them stand out. Bring swatches of color with you so that you can get … [Continue reading]

dusk blue

Pantone Dusk Blue Wedding Inspiration Board

If you love colors then I understand your excitement whenever Pantone's color report comes out for the next season - and they've just announced their spring 2012 fashion color palette: What do we think? What is your favorite? I'm honestly having a hard time deciding but I think it might be dusk blue. The wedding inspiration board above is based on Pantone 16-4120 and to accompany it I've rounded up my favorite inspiration boards to represent the new Pantone … [Continue reading]


tattoo wedding

A report from the Food and Drug Administration claims that 45 million Americans have tattoos and that 36% of people between the ages of 25 and 29 have a tattoo. That's a lot of ink! I thought it was about time we had a post dedicated to inked brides everywhere; the ones who wear their tattoos with pride and choose their wedding dresses based on how well it shows off their body art. I've rounded up some of the sweetest, softest, most romantic and subtle tattoos out … [Continue reading]

color wheel

rainbow wedding inspiration board

You may have noticed the sparkling new beauty vendor in The Shop - étoile polish. Erin, the mastermind behind this awesome line of nail polishes, had this to say on her blog: "I recently got engaged and feel blessed to have the chance to marry the person I love – who happens to be a man. However, I realize that today a lot of people still don’t have that same opportunity, including my own brother. That’s why the étoile team would like your help to create a unique … [Continue reading]

sunday edition

Sunday Edition - www.burnettsboards.com

How was everyone's week? My big news is that we finally bought tickets for our Fiji trip! I can't wait. I've got admit, despite being an 8 hour plane ride away from my family, living in the middle of the Pacific has its benefits in that exotic getaways are a lot closer for me than for most. There are a lot of wonderful things happening on my favorite blogs so lets get down to business: 1. I'm not a foundation wearer; the closest thing my makeup comes to being … [Continue reading]

black and gold

black and gold wedding inspiration board

One of my favorite details in this gold and black wedding inspiration board has to be the DIY spray painted animals. They are easy to make and add a glamourous touch of whimsey to reception tables! Check out the full DIY on Heodeza. They are just so fun at a wedding! I'm loving this gold giraffe, it has a definite 'wow' factor... Some other interesting ways to use spray painted plastic animals at your wedding include on your wedding favor … [Continue reading]

cranberries and wheat

wedding with cranberries and wheat

Labor day has come and gone and fall is upon us! Autumn weddings are cozy, warm, and easily lend themselves to sweet details like hot drinks, cute shoulder wraps, and of course, cranberries and wheat. I've rounded up a few more amazing autumn wedding details for you that didn't quite make into this inspiration board: chair decorations... cranberry colored shoes... wheat beer wedding favors... minimalist table setting with autumn leaves... wheat … [Continue reading]


Nothing says 'let's celebrate' quite like confetti and incorporating confetti into your wedding is a fun and festive way to go. One of my favorite confetti trends is called 'the confetti blow.' Actually, I'm not sure if that's the technical term or not, but that's what I call it! Basically, your photographer takes a picture of you (or you and your hubby) blowing confetti at the camera (glitter works well too). It makes for a memorable shot that will having you … [Continue reading]

aquamarine and hot pink

aqua and pink wedding

In the world of aqua and mint weddings, aquamarine is quite uncommon. This fresh and fun color has yet to 'make it big' in the wedding industry, but I expect, with a little help from this inspiration board, that it will do so soon! Hot pink and silver make lovely accent colors, and you really can't go wrong with this color combination. Take your wedding palette with you on your honeymoon with some of my favorite aquamarine and pink things: 1. Earrings 2. … [Continue reading]