plum perfect {guest post}

Plum Colored Wedding

Up today in the 'guest posts while I'm in Cuba series' is the amazing aspiring romance novelist (and romance novel guru, and dear friend of mine) Cristina with the first chapter of a book she's working on. Are there wedding bells in Will and Mae's future? Tune in tomorrow for chapter 2! Chapter 1 The last thing Mae needed was for him to walk through that door. She had been perched at her desk in front of several piles of papers that had been all thoroughly tabbed … [Continue reading]

pretty pastels {guest post}

Pastel Wedding

Today's guest post is brought to you by Amanda of AM Photography - and it's a great one! She's got some VERY useful tips and checklists you should go through when choosing the most important component on your wedding day - your photographer! Take it away Amanda! "Wedding photographers are different from other styles of photography in that the wedding day only occurs once, in unpredictable circumstances with inconsistent lighting.  Photographers who take portraits … [Continue reading]

summer brights {guest post}

Coral and Yellow Wedding

Today's 'guest post while I'm in Cuba' comes from the lovely Gail of OliverINK! "Where can wedding inspiration come from? How about food? The colors of a cantaloupe are stunning to say the least - the pale orange of the fruit, the lime-hued rind, the cream and green speckled skin. Gorgeous! This palette is displayed perfectly in this Shangri La inspiration board. Add a little pale yellow for a spring/summer wedding or ruby red if you wish it for a fall … [Continue reading]

a very british wedding {guest post}

British Wedding

Next up in our 'guest posts while I'm in Cuba series' is Ian of A Groom's Diary. Now I've gotta say - this blog has me laughing out loud. There's nothing quite like a guy's point of view as the wedding day approaches and his is especially funny. But before we get to that, I wanted to talk about the inspiration board I paired Ian's post with. I promised him something 'as manly as possible' and this very British wedding is what I came up with. All of the pictures in … [Continue reading]

vintage rose {guest post}

Rose colored wedding inspiration

I'm really excited about today's guest post by the lovely Christina of Sweet Lavender Bake Shoppe. Her blog is absolutely adorable and so much of her bubbly personality comes through it. Click the images below for purchase information for her lovely, sugary creations! Enjoy! "Well hello hello sweet friends of Burnett’s Boards! My name is Christina, and I’m a sweet-a-holic. No? This isn’t that place? Shoot. I am the author and creator of Sweet Lavender Bake … [Continue reading]

red hearts {guest post}

red wedding inspiration

Up today on the 'guest posts while I'm on vacation series' is the lovely Lauren of Flat Broke Bride! "Hello Burnett's Boards Lovers! Flat Broke Bride here! I run a little independent blog about my journey to the altar! Along the way I am sharing with everyone my difficulties and my happinesses, (such as we JUST decided to move our wedding from 2014 to 2013!), as well as some great DIY projects for other Broke Brides to share! I wanted to start writing because we … [Continue reading]

sophisticated bling {guest post}

Wedding Sparkle and Glam

Today's guest post comes from the lovely, and newly married Ashley of Blush Love Wed fame and she's here to tell us why, despite the current outdoor wedding trend, she happily chose a ballroom wedding. Take it away Ashley! "On my own blog, I haven’t spent a whole lot of time talking about my own wedding (which just happened on June 2!) but I plan to feature a week dedicated to it once I get the pictures back.  Mostly, I just want to give credit to all of the … [Continue reading]

rainbow love

Rainbow Wedding

With this rainbow loving inspiration board today...I think I feel a party coming on! My very dear friend Heather (who is also a new mother to a gorgeous baby boy) has a beautiful ring on her finger and it's a lovely blue shade (it looks like #6 below), which is what got me thinking about this board and unique engagement rings. I found this lovely guide from Wedding Chicks, and thought I'd share it here! 1. Fancy Purplish Pink diamond ring From Tiffanys 2. Round … [Continue reading]


Steampunk Wedding

Burnett's Boards fan Sheryl requested a steampunk wedding recently via Facebook, and here it is! Hope you like it Sheryl! What is 'steampunk?' Well, to me, steampunk has always been a genre of literature (or sub-genre of science fiction and fantasy). It's got some 19th century technology (the steam) mixed in with deconstruction and rebellion (the punk). This literature genre has seeped over into art, fashion, and design, and elements of it can be seen all over the … [Continue reading]

billy button

button themed wedding

Buttons make an adorable wedding theme, but before getting carried away, be sure to pick one or two vibrant colors to center your wedding decor around, and then mix those with neutral hues to keep it from looking like a hot mess. Another adorable touch for your button themed wedding would be  to incorporate billy button flowers! They're darling. These chocolate buttons from The Frosted Petticoat would look perfect on your wedding cake, or for party favors! Then … [Continue reading]

lake tahoe

Rustic country wedding in Tahoe

There is just something about rustic barn weddings that I really love. I think it's because of all the places I've lived, I've spent the most time in Texas and it's just so easy to feel 'at home' there. I'd like to introduce you guys to a lovely lady who goes by the twitter handle of TheLuckyCowgirl, she's 'gettin' hitched' this month, and she owns an awesome Etsy store. Among the many amazing things you'll find there are an array of mason jar soap dispensers, and … [Continue reading]


black wedding inspiration

Anemone flowers are delicate, beautiful, and available in all sorts of different colors, however, the black and white ones are so timelessly elegant that they make for an absolutely stunning wedding. While searching for black and white wedding inspiration I came across these gorgeous silhouette  cake toppers from Wedzu. They are custom made from pictures you send and they can be had in any sort of color, but I am partial to these classic black ones! photo … [Continue reading]

james and the giant peach

peach and cream wedding

I loved the book James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl. Little James, who is oppressed by two evil aunts, escapes on a giant peach with magical insect friends - it's the best! And let's imagine for a second that little James grows up and gets married - this is what I think his wedding might look like. Who was your favorite character? Mine was definitely the chronic complaining centipede who had a hundred gorgeous shoes. What girl wouldn't want a hundred beautiful … [Continue reading]

primary colors

Primary Colors

The three primary colors are red, yellow, and blue - why? Because they cannot be created by mixing any other colors. When you mix primary colors together, you'll get what is called a secondary color like shades of purple, green, and orange. If you mix one primary color with a secondary color, you'll get a tertiary color (confused yet?), and that's when we get colors like blue-green, or yellow-orange. Honestly, this had to be one of the hardest inspiration boards … [Continue reading]

fairy tale

White wedding inspiration for a fairy tale wedding

This magical bridal inspiration board was curated by Etsy store owner Stacey  (of Sweet Little Sparrow and whose stunning creations are currently featured in The Shop!). Every single one of these beautiful items is available for purchase from Etsy, and be sure to check out Sweet Little Sparrow's other Treasury inspired wedding inspiration board here! A fairy dust charm necklace would make a sweet gift for your flower girl. photo credits: paper butterflies, … [Continue reading]

floral print

Floral print wedding

It's no secret that ladies love flowers, and floral printed fabrics have been a fashionable item for hundreds of years. Dress designers are adding floral prints all over the place this season, and the Atelier Aimee dress in this inspiration board is especially beautiful. The floral print originates in Asia; throughout history, traders brought fabrics with ornate floral designs to Europe where they sold for very high prices and so floral prints quickly became a … [Continue reading]