Green herb wedding

I just love 'green weddings,' (and not just because I'm married to an environmentalist!). Green weddings are ecologically friendly, and there are many ways to have a green wedding without compromising the look you want. You don't have to all green to be Earth friendly, just try where you can. One thing you can do is to use recycled paper for your invitations. Minted has a HUGE collection (37 pages of them) in pretty much any style you could ever want. Another easy … [Continue reading]

blushing bride

Blush light pink wedding

A member of the Protea family, Blushing Bride flowers in spring producing papery white bracts, or floral leaves, surrounding feathery tufts of white to pinkish flowers. Flowers are white or pink. ‘Sugar ‘n’ Spice’ is a well-known variety with pink flowers and deep, rose pink colouring on the white bracts. It is thought this plant received its name because of its traditional use in bridal bouquets in South Africa. Unfortunately, it seems to have been over-exploited … [Continue reading]

taste the rainbow

Anyone been to the Miami airport? If you have, have you seen the installation art called Harmonic Convergence by Christopher Janney? It's so beautiful! "The work combines light, colour, and sound as it leads passengers from a rental car terminal to the airport proper. Speakers installed at regular intervals along the walkway create a continuously changing 'sonic portrait' of south Florida as they play the sounds of tropical birds, thunderstorms, and other … [Continue reading]

french chateau

Looking to purchase your own French Chateau? Check out the castles (literally!) here. I've got my heart set on this 34 million Euro stunner with an indoor lap pool (a must!) Husband to me: "keep dreaming." Perfectly elegant and chateau-worthy bridal jewelry available at Bespoken For. In order to avoid going over the top at your wedding with pink and gold, keep both of them soft and subtle and mix in neutral hues like grays, tans, and ivories. A pink and gold … [Continue reading]

key west

Beach wedding in Key West

Key West is the home to the southernmost point in the continental United States. (The most southern point? That's right - the place I'm lucky enough to call home - Hawaii, well that is unless you count territories, in which case it would be Rose Atoll in America Samoa). The island is only about 4 miles long and 2 miles wide, and it's original Spanish name is Cayo Hueso, which means Bone Cay (low lying island). Why 'bone' island? Well, it is said that when the … [Continue reading]

sequins and party streamers

Glittering wedding

Don't be ashamed if you have a love for sequins - they've got some awesome history behind them! Evidence exists that gold sequins were being used as decoration on clothing in the Indus Valley as early as 2500BC, during the Kot Diji era. *** This adorable real wedding was featured on 100 Layer Cake, photographed by Ellie Grover, took place at The Dana Powers Barn in Nipomo, California, and in case you're wondering where that stunning bridal gown was from - it's … [Continue reading]

the black tulip

The Black Tulip is one of my favorite books by Alexandre Dumas. Action, adventure, intrigue, romance, and tulips!?! Tell me more!  The city of Haarlem, Netherlands has set a prize of 100,000 guilders (a lot of money back then!) to the person who can grow a black tulip, sparking competition between the country's best gardeners to win the money, honour and fame. The young and bourgeois Cornelius van Baerle has almost succeeded, but is suddenly thrown into the … [Continue reading]

the secret garden

Garden wedding

The Secret Garden was what Mary called it when she was thinking of it. She liked the name, and she liked still more the feeling that when its beautiful old walls shut her in no one knew where she was. It seemed almost like being shut out of the world in some fairy place. The few books she had read and liked had been fairy-story books, and she had read of secret gardens in some of the stories. Sometimes people went to sleep in them for a hundred years, which she had … [Continue reading]

tiffany blue

Tiffany Blue is a colloquial name for light to medium blues (think: robin egg). The actual color of Tiffany & Co. boxes is protected by a trademark and was created for them by Pantone Inc. As a trademarked color, it is not publicly available and is not printed in their swatch books. Until I started writing this post I really didn't know you could trademark a color. And with that in mind... Tiffany Blue ® Macaroons with Orange Blossom Buttercream recipe from … [Continue reading]

carousel horses and paper dolls

Paper dolls have been around as long as paper (think: origami dolls in Japan and artfully painted paper puppets in Indonesia) however, paper dolls as we know them really took off in France during the 1800s. They were intended to teach about fashion and to entertain and they spread like wildfire throughout high society. Rare, hand painted sets from the late 1700s can be found in museums throughout the world including the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Adorable … [Continue reading]


PUB TRIVIA NIGHT The Nashville, Tennessee round... Which former President and Nashville resident had a driveway shaped like a guitar? Andrew Jackson! What famous Nashville candy is made of chocolate, marshmallows, caramel, and peanuts? Goo-Goos! After drinking a cup of locally produced Nashville coffee, who coined the phrase 'good to the last drop?' Theodore Roosevelt! Who was raised in Nashville, and the first African-American female to hold an anchor position … [Continue reading]


Yellow and black modern wedding

Bumblebees are social insects, characterized by their black and yellow bands. Their fuzzy bodies and fuzzy legs help them to transport pollen to feed their young, and like their cousins the honeybees, they love to feed on nectar. It's all kind of sweet, isn't it? Beautiful gold bee print available here. *** The pictures in this board were taken by What a Day Photography, styled by Passion Roots, featured on Modern Weddings Hawaii, and the venue was the Honolulu … [Continue reading]

citrus sorbet

Citrus flavors are good for you because they contain vitamin C. The benefits? No scurvy (best that was the first time ever 'scurvy' has been used on a wedding blog), keep you looking younger by firming the skin, and it protects your heart. Add lemon slices to your water whenever you drink it. ♡ This fresh citrus inspiration board could easily be used as a bridal shower palette and would be absolutely perfect for spring weddings or beach weddings. Incorporate … [Continue reading]


Red apple wedding

Where to find apples: on trees, orchards, teachers desks, grocery stores, in pies, and in tarts. On computers, iphones, ipods, and ipads. Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter's birth certificate. Bad apples: the one Snow White ate and the one Eve ate. Use apples to: compare to oranges, compute, discover gravity, eat, bob for on Halloween, and keep the doctor away. Celebrate the apple: on Savior of the Apple Feast Day in Russia and Ukraine on August 19th. *** The pictures … [Continue reading]

pretty in pink

Wondering what other colors go with pink? Here are some hues that look pretty with pink: photo credits: i love you flower, pink wood, girl in hat, dahlias, single pink flower, color squares, pink drink, pinwheel escort cards, shoes, dress, sorbet. … [Continue reading]

in the forest

Out of the mid-wood's twilight Into the meadow's dawn, Ivory limbed and brown-eyed, Flashes my Faun! He skips through the copses singing, And his shadow dances along, And I know not which I should follow, Shadow or song! O Hunter, snare me his shadow! O Nightingale, catch me his strain! Else moonstruck with music and madness I track him in vain! - In the Forest, Oscar Wilde I am wild for these enchanting and whimsical hair adornments from Sweet Little … [Continue reading]