minimalist copper and wheat

This minimalistic & modern shoot was conceived by the textures of wheat and the color of copper by Alexandra Elise Photography. The warm accents paired nicely with the soft grey walls, and the textured brick interior accents! From Alexandra Elise Photography – “Working in the wedding industry, there is always an abundance of florals that […]

6 secrets to successfully working from home

In a couple of months it will have been two years since I started this blog and a year since I started working on it full-time from home. Going from having thirty hyperactive bodies in a room as a teacher to just me at home alone all day was quite an adjustment, but I’ve learned […]

how to share your blog post on social media

Pin realize image isn’t optimized for Pinterest delete pin add text to image pin. Share image on Facebook realize Facebook won’t allow images with too much text delete image un-optimize image share un-optimized image image too large for Facebook news feed google ‘best Facebook news feed image size’ resize image share forget to link vendors […]

how to take a break from blogging (without losing readers)

With the holidays coming up and lots of lovely family time planned, vacations to look forward to, and shopping to do it’s time to start thinking about how to take a break from blogging and how to do it without losing your readers! 1. Schedule new content ahead of time. This is the method I […]

13 blogging do’s and don’ts

I often get emails from new bloggers and vendors that I work with asking questions about blogging and I love it! Blogging is clearly a passion of mine and now that Burnett’s Boards is over a year old, and I’ve learned plenty of lessons the hard way – I’d love to share some do’s and […]