chic havana elopement

Is there really anywhere hotter for a love session and elopement than Havana, Cuba?! We don’t think so. While the dresses you dream of packing for Cuba could easily go vintage to compliment the faded glamour of this iconic city, we’re loving the modern look pulled off here by our couple and photographed by Magdalena Studios. […]

trinidad, cuba bridal session

When in Cuba, Havana usually takes center stage but Matthew Ree of Cly by Matthew and Designs by Hemingway showcase the beauty of a lesser known but still stunning Cuban city – Trinidad. Located in the center of the island, Trinidad is known for its colonial old town, neo-baroque main square, and cobblestone streets. It’s […]

romantic havana wedding editorial

Filled with silky fabrics and elegant Havana style, this wedding inspiration shoot from Matthew Ree of Cly by Matthew and Designs by Hemingway captures the elegance of Cuba in the most beautiful way! Plus – the dresses. Oh my goodness they are gorgeous and they couldn’t be more perfect for this romantic wedding editorial. Matthew […]

havana engagement

Havana, ooh na-na, half my heart is in Havana, ooh na-na, he took me back to East Atlanta, na-na-na, oh but my heart is in Havana…” and goodness this song by Camila Cabello and Pharrel Williams could not be more accurate. Once you visit Havana you’ll leave part of your heart there. It’s inevitable! The […]

how to throw a mid-century welcome party

From the photographer, Melissa Desjardins – Why a Welcome Party: By hosting a welcome party for guests who are coming from out-of-town, or who don’t necessarily know each other, you are creating a more intimate and meaningful experience for them. When they meet again at the wedding everyone will have a much more enjoyable time! […]

havana, cuba WORKSHOP

CUBA WORKSHOP! If you’ve been itching to get over to Havana for some photography opportunities this is your chance. These pros have been there and done that. They’ve got you covered so you can have a worry and stress-free experience allowing you to focus on soaking up the culture, history, and beauty of Cuba and […]

heating it up in havana

I could not be more thrilled to bring you part two of Matthew Ree & Debbie Hemingway’s epic trip to Havana, Cuba. (Catch up on part 1 here!) This duo showcased two stunning dresses against an old-world façade that Havana is known the world over for. With vintage cars, delightful calligraphy, a beautiful place setting, […]

cuban wedding inspiration

The history, the culture, and the romance of Havana, Cuba really comes to life today with these stunning images by Matthew Ree Photography. Crumbled facades and faded glory couldn’t be more beautiful than they are here today as we see a bride go from boudoir, to wedding dress, to reception outfit. With styling and coordination […]

honeymoon destination: trinidad, cuba

Now that Cuba is opening up more and more to American travelers and it’s only going to get easier and easier to go, why not think of a honeymoon there? It’s romantic, unique, and if you’re a bride with a vintage leaning, you really couldn’t choose a better place to fall in love all over […]