an artist’s engagement

I’m so pleased to share what I would call one of the loveliest engagement shoots I’ve ever seen: an artist at home in her studio painting a picture of her fiance. Katya and Oleg’s love for each other couldn’t be anymore obvious. With grey skies outside the couple wears grey and black to allow for […]

vintage russian countryside shoot

This shoot has some amazing scenery and I love that the flower arrangements aren’t the soft pastel colours that are everywhere right now. Anastasia included wheat and lots of wild flowers for a vintage boho feel. From Maria: “We were inspired by the idea of a simple wedding made far from any city in the […]

cold sea and shore – a stormy wedding editorial

The ocean has been an inspiration for artists around the world forever and it certainly brought out the best from this team of Russian wedding pros with today’s stunning and stormy wedding editorial! Inspired by the cold sea – today’s shoot, captured by Maria Levitska, is a moody, romantic delight. From Maria Levitska – “We […]

adorable russian wedding

With a glimpse inside the bridal boudoir and classic details and styling, this adorable Russian wedding photographed by Maria Levitska truly captures the romance and love between Max and Katya. From Maria Levitska Photography – “Max and Katya truly stood the test of time and distance. They are deeply in love with each other. They held […]