bird themed wedding (reader request)

I’m so pleased to bring you another reader requested wedding inspiration board today! This red bird themed wedding comes to you from Kimi and James who are planning an outdoor springtime wedding that incorporates elements like birds and apples and is mildly reminiscent of Snow White. Kimi wrote that “the palettes I have found that […]

contemporary art museum wedding (reader request)

Reader requested wedding inspiration boards are often my favorites – I find that with a few guidelines I discover some of the best ideas out there! When Silvia emailed me she knew two things for sure: that she and Timothy were getting married at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (Mass MoCA) because they both […]

southern wedding (reader request)

I love getting reader requests and this one was such a winner because it’s a color scheme I haven’t put together yet! Catherine and Drew are having an indoor wedding in December in downtown Memphis and want a southern, slightly rustic feel. Catherine’s bridesmaids will be wearing navy blue and this lovely couple wants to […]

tardis blue (reader request)

Aurie wrote and asked for a vintage styled tardis blue wedding with just a hint of Dr. Who and lots of textures. Normally when I think of vintage styling for a wedding I don’t immediately associate it with Dr. Who which has a total science fiction vibe, but I LOVED this challenge. Along with the […]

world of warcraft wedding (reader request)

Australian couple and World of Warcraft fans Tania (character name: Gemedes) and Greg (character name: Hirako) are getting married in July and want a purple wedding with just a touch of a World of Warcraft theme. Tania’s bridesmaids will be wearing dark purple dresses and this gaming duo has already decided on hanging lanterns from the ceiling […]

starry night (reader request)

Chelsea and Ryan have not set a date yet but they know what sort of wedding color palette they’d love to have! Ryan’s favorite sports teams’ colors include navy and gray and Chelsea loves Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting so it’s lucky that these two color schemes work perfectly together. Chelsea let me know that […]

out of africa (reader request)

New Zealander Wendy wrote to me and let me know that she is headed off to Kuthaba Safari Lodge in South Africa for her cousin Ashleigh’s wedding – and Wendy is one of the bridesmaids! She wanted these inspiration boards to be a surprise for Ashleigh and Craig – isn’t that the sweetest thing?! Ashleigh […]

lakeside lavender (reader request)

When Lindsay first emailed me with her color choices I wasn’t sure what to do! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wedding that combines charcoal, porcelain, emerald, copper, AND lavender – but once I got started putting together these wedding inspiration boards for her this unique combination really won me over. Isn’t it beautiful!? […]

monaco blue (reader request)

Anjali and Jayesh are getting married in August and having an indoor traditional Hindu wedding. When Anjali emailed me she asked for something traditional, but with a hint of modernity and the colors she wanted to work with are monaco blue, an antique gold, and white. With such a lovely request I couldn’t wait to […]

english countryside wedding (reader request)

We’ve got another reader requested wedding inspiration board today! Woohoo! Frida wrote and asked for something rustic, romantic, vintage, DIY, simple, and with a country tone to it. As for colors, she wants to work with creams, leafy greens, different shades of brown, and touches of lilac. Frida is Sweedish and Jeremy is British so […]

a christmas wedding (reader request)

Have you ever gotten an email that just felt friendly? That’s the way I felt when Erin emailed me with a reader request. Erin and Carl are getting married soon (as in right after Christmas) and she emailed me asking for an accent color to her main wedding palette which is shades of gray with […]

copper rose (reader request)

I absolutely love it when Burnett’s Boards readers send me inspiration board requests for their weddings! And it hasn’t happened in a while so I was super excited when Lisa contacted me. The deets: Lisa is getting married in September of 2013 and would like a deep blush, copper rose, and eggplant colored wedding. Her […]

roaring twenties (reader request)

If you loved The Great Gatsby wedding inspiration board I had up about a month ago, you’ll love this. The roaring twenties makes for such a fun wedding theme, and because of the upcoming Great Gatsby movie, it’s becoming a popular trend. This board was requested by BB fan Vanessa, who asked for something ‘brown, […]

the great gatsby (reader request)

Many thanks to my very well-read friend Melanie for requesting this board! I couldn’t have asked for a better source of inspiration. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is one of my favorite books out there and the new movie preview (seriously can’t wait to see this) was chock full of eye candy. I […]

farm to table (reader request)

I was sitting on the plane waiting for them to close the doors in Miami on my way back from Cuba when I got this email from my friend Heather: “My friend Katie just got engaged and I asked her what her first thought is in planning her big day and she told me farm […]

jewel tones for the young at heart (reader request)

Can you believe it? I’ve got another fan requested board for you today (and two more coming up tomorrow and the day after!) from the lovely Gail of OliverInk (who also wrote a fantastic guest post for us). Gail requested a jewel toned wedding inspiration board for her niece who is getting married and using emerald […]