hottest wedding trends of 2018

Guest post by Kylie Carlson, International Academy of Wedding and Event Planning The New Year is here and planning a wedding just got even more exciting! The release of the fourth annual International Wedding Trends Report complete with predictions from dozens of the world’s most recognized wedding professionals is causing waves of anticipation especially among […]

2017 international wedding trend report

Great news! The 2017 International Wedding Trend Report, compiled by the International Academy of Wedding and Event Planning has been released! If you’re a part of the wedding industry or a forward-thinking bride, you should definitely take note. So what are the leading trend expert predictions for 2017? Find out by getting your copy of […]

dubai dreamscape: luxurious hot pink + gold wedding

As many of you know I’m a proud Advisory Board Member at The Wedding and Event Institute and they’ve just opened their newest campus – the Arabian Campus! Now this amazing institution covers four continents and they’ve had thousands and thousands of graduates around the world, creating careers for creative wedding planners, designers, and stylists […]

burning man festival wedding ideas

While compiling their 2016 wedding trend report (see it here), the Wedding and Event Institute styled and designed a few tablescape shoots to portray their predictions, one of which (the Burning Man inspired editorial) I have here to share with you today! It’s based on the idea of festival weddings – large, outdoor celebrations with fabulous […]

wedding business magazine

Have you heard?! The inaugural issue of The Wedding & Event Institute’s Wedding Business Magazine is out! And guess who is on the cover? This girl! This magazine is free to download (go here to get your copy) and filled with articles on branding, marketing, SEO, careers, sales, weddings (of course) and interviews with pros […]

wedding trend predictions for 2016

Each year The Wedding and Event Institute produces a trend report and these last two years I was asked to give my opinions on what I think is going to be hot in the world of wedding styling and design for the upcoming year. Last year I hit the nail on the head with the […]

wedding + event institute pantone contest

As many of you know I am a proud board member of The Wedding and Event Institute which means I had the super hard task of picking winners for the Academy Live’s spring / summer Pantone inspiration board contest! Mood boards were submitted by students and after a couple of rounds of narrowing down, I […]

how to take your business to the next level

As a longtime fan, student, and advisory board member of The Wedding and Event Institute, it is such a thrill to share this incredible opportunity for wedding professionals with you here today! The Refine Workshop is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that adds not just a single tool, but an entire tool belt to your business and […]

wedding pros: how to get more from your styled shoots

Kylie Carlson, head of The Wedding and Event Institute (an online resource for wedding pros) is taking everyone back to school – and I couldn’t be more excited about it! WEI is putting a whole new spin on wedding inspiration shoots and teaching you how to get the most out of them! From Kylie – Over […]

5 european influences on modern-day floral design

It seems only fitting that after last week’s look at bridal design throughout the decades that this week another fabulous art form gets the historical treatment: floral design. Floral design is often the wow factor at a wedding and one major trend for weddings now, next year, and hopefully into the future is the old […]

10 unique wedding venues

The chapter I’m working on right now in my Wedding and Event Institute course covers one of the most important aspects of your wedding – the venue. Your wedding venue will set the tone for pretty much the entire day. It will determine the look, the color palette (your colors shouldn’t clash with your venue’s […]

what is your creative space?

Christine Kerr, my lovely instructor over at The Wedding and Events Institute, recently asked me if I’d like to participate in a series she’s doing on her personal blog Scarlet Room. The series involves taking snapshots of “the creative spaces people like yourself work from. This could be an office, a desk tucked away in a […]

how to sell a pink wedding to your fiancé

You want a pink wedding, your fiancé doesn’t.  If this sounds familiar – I’ve got a story (and a solution that works!) just for you… If you know or have worked with Sasha Souza then this will be easy for you to picture, but if you haven’t then imagine for a moment a cute, bubbly, red-headed, […]

are your color choices sending the right message?

Remember all those Cosmopolitan magazine quizzes we used to take with titles like Do You Know When A Guy Likes You? and Are You Enough of a Bad Girl? Well – I’ve got a little quiz like that right here  – except it’s better! I’ve been taking a course from The Wedding and Event Institute […]

finding inspiration

Creative ruts happen. They’re annoying and they need to be banished. We all know that to find inspiration the best thing to do is to get out of your office and off of Pinterest, go outside and do something. The first unit of WEI’s Wedding Planning, Styling, and Design course that I’m taking has a […]

why inspiration boards are awesome

So I’ve been writing this event design and styling column for a few weeks now and it suddenly occurred to me that I should write about inspiration boards (where was I on that? Seriously, it should have been the first post I wrote!). As you might have read last week, I put together some course material all about wedding […]